[Update 230] The Journalist re: Bale update; plus others

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The Journalist

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Jul 17, 2011
Update from conversation I had yesterday.
Bale is not for sale unless Tottenham receive a ridiculous offer. The money offered, and quoted in the press, even though a world record, is not deemed ridiculous by the spurs board. Tottenham have told Madrid this. There are no current negotiations and no current contact between the clubs.
Tottenham feel they must be compensated for the commercial outlay and immediate loss of earnings if Bale goes. This would mean an offer significantly north of £80 million.

The payment structure that was written in the press is rubbish. No fee has been agreed; so talk of payment structure is very wide of the mark; no negotiations are taking place.

Regarding the player swap, the Portuguese left back, Tottenham don’t want it involved in the Bale transfer and here’s why.
I have already mentioned that AVB was offered Luke Shaw as a potential target and AVB refused.
The Portuguese left back, was a target before the Madrid/Bale saga. Tottenham were quoted a price and wanted to discuss terms. Then the Bale saga kicked off and Madrid decided to negotiate at a higher price.

On Bale.
He has not refused to train. He has been working on his fitness.
It was AVB’s decision not to play him on tour.
He wanted to stay at Tottenham and asked his agent to negotiate a deal for next year.
Real Madrid said to him it’s now or never. He would be happy to stay for another year.
He doesnt feel he is ready to move.
It’s difficult for him and not fair to question or to slag off his character.

So it’s going to take an amazing offer to get him.

Other news.
There are offers on the table for Sigurðsson and Adebayor.
And more of opinion than anything else, but from what I’ve heard Tottenham will go back for the Brazilian kid.
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