The Mauricio Pochettino thread


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Sep 20, 2005
IMO we've seen enough to show that this isn't going to be fixed by Poch. It's not like this has been happening for 2 months, it's been like this since the turn of the year. The only things that papered over the cracks was one of the luckiest matches I've ever seen at the Etihad (coupled with Son's clinical finishing early on), Ajax's inability to put us to the sword, and some magic from Lucas (ironic that he refuses to play the man who most likely kept him in a job for this long). There's a large enough sample size, IMO, to show that this is only gonna get worse. Levy needs to act ASAP.
His use of Lucas baffles me actually. Only seems to play him against teams who park the bus, where he is always ineffective


Oct 2, 2019
I think our players need another voice to listen to, someone that they'll respect, get them in and the rest takes care of itself.
I've heard that trotted out on radio stations a great deal lately, but I think it simply asserts something about which hard evidence is absent. So they've got sick of hearing each others' voices, have they, our Spurs players? I don't think so. Bored silly with being cheered from the stands? Forever hearing 'Come on you Spurs' called out by thousands week after week and bored by it? I doubt it.