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The Deadline Day ITK Discussion Thread - 1st September

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May 20, 2015
Not based on anything concrete or specific, but lots of little snippets that have come my way point to Brennan Johnson today. Fingers crossed.

In fact, cross everything. Including that hand held vadge you've got hidden from your mum in that shoebox at the back of your sock drawer. PS: She knows about it. That's ITK gold right there.

I don't know why, but sometimes I get the feeling The Goat is actually A&C.

You won't get handheld vadge ITK anywhere else :playful:
Think you'll find it's called a Fleshlight...

Sex toy ITK.


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Jan 6, 2013

Tottenham have offer rejected for Bournemouth's Kelly​

Tottenham Hotspur have seen a £20million offer rejected by Bournemouth for defender Lloyd Kelly.

Tottenham's interest in the 24-year-old has been long standing during this window, but they have not yet met Bournemouth's valuation on player considered to be important option at centre-back and left back.

The lack of time to adequately find a replacement is also a factor in negotiations.

Japhet Tanganga is set to leave Spurs on loan while Eric Dier and Davinson Sanchez could also depart before the deadline tonight.

Kelly made 23 Premier League appearances last season and has featured twice in the league so far this term.


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Jun 26, 2004
Re-posted with clean(er) language (sorry, admins)...

Eugh, so many depressing posts about being depressed. More depressing than an episode of The Big Bang Theory without the laughter track (check it out on YT if you haven't already - you're welcome).

We're in a good position for where we're supposed to be. A few reminders:

- It's Ange's first season, so we are learning a brand new system & ethos at every level of play, which will take time and there should be no expectations of getting back into the CL this year
- The above also means that potential signings haven't really seen how [good] it will be to play under Ange yet (we've played 4 competitive games)
- We are not in Europe, so I don't know why people are automatically thinking we're going to sign all these fantastic players from clubs who are themselves in Europe this season
- We have spent well on the players we have brought in this summer - around £100m - and they all look to be significant team-improvers from the off (we also made Kulu & Porro permanent and have Sarr & Udogie as virtual new signings)
- Assuming we don't sign a top CB / creative backup today, then the bright side is that this will give Ange huge leverage in Jan / next year, as the drop-off to our second string becomes starkly apparent and becomes our next phase of transfer activity. Remember we HAVE already hugely strengthened the first-team in terms of GK, 1st choice CB, creative AM (plus Udogie & Sarr).
- Losing Harry hurt, of course, but it was inevitable and imo hurts 1000x times than losing him on a free next year to Utd/elsewhere just for one more season in which we likely still wouldn't be top 4. I believe we are already a stronger TEAM than at any point in the post-Poch era. And we're going to get better.
- Whatever happens today, we are in for a season of brilliant wins, 6-3 losses, and everything in between.... but never dull. And it's those last 3 words that we should really be celebrating, because We Dare to fucking Do now, and we've barely dared to sneeze these past few seasons. Win, lose or draw - we are going to have a lot of fun under Ange!!

And to all the boo hoo boys complaining about Levy's lack of ambition. Go back 20 years and imagine you could look into the future to this moment now. You'd see the world's best football stadium, incredible facilities, a team learning an exciting and entertaining brand of football with lots of excellent players under a charismatic manager who walks the talk, and a club running extremely well overall - spending within its means and ready to build towards bigger & better things. We have never had this before, even under Poch (I'd argue that the quality of our transfers in is way better now).

Yes, Levy is a bell. Yes, he interferes too much with signings and has a worse sense of timing than me swinging a squash racket. But think again about all of the above and be glad we're not that horrible fucking Chelsea lot.

We've got this, lads.


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Aug 1, 2008
Been here too many times so not worth getting your hopes up but club still very optimistic it can get the deals done. Johnson I would say is actually very likely, club has been in advanced talks for some time now. Gallagher isn't out of the question although it's a difficult deal to do. Plenty of interest in PEH. CB again isn't out of the question depending on outgoings. Let's wait and see, we've left ourselves an awful lot to do on the last day. Lots of players being offered around as well so you can pretty much expect anything. Hopefully no more Danjuma like surprises but it wouldn't surprise me with Daniel. Enjoy the day, I know we are all frustrated with how it currently looks but let's judge when the window closes rather than clogging up this thread with moaning all day like has happened previously.


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Jan 6, 2013

Brennan Johnson to Spurs getting closer​

By John Percy and Matt Law
Tottenham are now very close to agreeing a deal worth £50m including bonuses for Nottingham Forest’s Brennan Johnson.
Negotiations have accelerated in the past few hours with Johnson expected to travel down to London for a medical soon.
Tottenham have been in talks this week to sign the Wales international and it is understood that they have now agreed to pay Forest’s asking price.
Forest have been demanding a fee in the region of £50m and appear set to have their valuation met before Friday’s deadline.
Johnson will become the latest attacking signing for Ange Postecoglou and ends a 14-year association with his hometown club.


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Jul 29, 2004
Johnson in along with a centre back and I’d say that’s a acceptable window.
We must sign another centre back though.
Not bothered if it's Johnson or not but I agree that if we don't sign a forward and CB today then this window has again left us short.


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Aug 31, 2005
Paulinha for £55m is an absolute steal. He's obviously going to choose Bayern but we should at least be asking the question, better than Rice IMO


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May 8, 2005
Paulinha for £55m is an absolute steal. He's obviously going to choose Bayern but we should at least be asking the question, better than Rice IMO
Particularly with seemingly selling them Højbjerg, is there not a way to work a suitable swap deal?
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