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Sep 15, 2012
As a young man I played cricket and football at Sunday league level but no matter how hard I tried I could get nowhere near pro or top amateur level . when older and started going to the pub I played darts to county level and had played at different times many of the then top players Bristow /Lowe / Wilson etc lost a lot more than I won but was able to give them a good game . I am sure that if I did not have to work and then able to practice 4or 5 hours a day I could along with many others been able to challenge these top players .
And that is my problem with darts with most sports you can practice as much as you like but the top players are special and you could not in your wildest dreams be a pro . My problem with darts is calling it a sport for me it is a skilled pastime where practice makes perfect.
Mainstream sports you can practice as much as you like unless you are that one in a thousand you won't make it .


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Mar 21, 2004
BDO in the shitter.

BDO cut World Championship prize money by 50% amid dismal ticket sales

In an explosive letter dated 30 December 2019 to the players – including Sherrock – British Darts Organisation chairman Des Jacklin admits:

  • Ticket sales across all sessions are currently at only 15 per cent of capacity
  • TV contract income has been swallowed up by “production costs”
  • And sports marketing agency Sportotal say they have struggled to attract new sponsors because the BDO is considered “toxic.”
Mirror Sport understands the total prize fund could be decimated from a proposed £354,000 to just £150,000.

Jacklin says in his letter: “As a player, you need to reflect on how you will react to this disappointing news.

“Regardless of the fact that we may not be able to guarantee the prize funds as first indicated... you will still be willing to honour the participation agreement and grace the BDO and audiences with your presence.”

That last part is priceless.
Purse details leaked

BFH = bus fare home

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