The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - The BiPolar Edition 30th May

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Feb 1, 2005

Good morning ITK'ers.

I see we had another mass outbreak of Bi Polar yesterday.

To the tune of The Grand Old Duke of York

Oh, The members of SC,
They read some ITK;
Some made them high and full of joy,
Some brought them down again.

And when they were up, they were up,
And when they were down, they were down,
And when they were only half-way up,
They didn't know wether to smile or frown

So what was it that created such meyhem? Well, fuck all really. It just seems that 'good news' ITK is given a liberal sprinkling of salt but stuff you'd rather not hear is treated as gospel. One wonders how some brains manage to get the next intake of breath done without help.

The see-saw began with JJetset..........
JJetset said:
Just heard some disturbing news about GB. #notlookinggood

Followed by........

DL struggling with the wage demands.Finding it very difficult. No fall out with agent. Nothing concrete either way just worrying.
Nothing concrete either way. Read that again. NOTHING CONCRETE EITHER WAY. But of course, this was read as 'set in stone'. Gunshots were heard.

Then, over on COYS, Storts tried to calm the masses......
Storts said:
In response to JJ's tweets:

He doesn't say he's going, simply that he's asking for too much money currently for a new deal. Don't panic.

Unfortunately we know this will go on all summer, but keep calm :)
'We know?'.....Well, some do. The rest were busy slitting their wrists.

Update 33 duly arrived, slapping everyone in the face because it wasn't good.
Noodles said:
Who: Noodles
When: 29/05/13
Where: FTL
Monaco looking at our boy Loris , interesting how that would go down ..
Wham want Townsend​
People just didn't know where to turn. Several virgins were sacrificed. Except in Norfolk. You'dhave to go a long way to find a virgin in Norfoilk.......

POTL added his bit tried to sooth the savage beast.
Pottle said:
When: 29th May
Where: COYS

Stay calm kids.
He was born to play for Spurs.
Danny Boy oh Danny boy.

and then

Funny as Jonathan is not even Gareths agent directly.
However, nothing quite speeds up the process than some agent quotes and a bit of twisting by a newspaper.

Lloris and Townsend

Both will be part of our 2013-14 squad.
Keep Calm and Panic was the message. Or so you'd have thought. But was POTL finished? Oh no, he hit us with the old double whammy.......
POTL said:
On David Villa:

Just an FYI on this as I keep getting asked about it.
This has been ongoing for nearly 3 months. I see the press are acting like we have just made our interest known, this deal has been being negotiated for a while. Player has 12 months to go on a contract- we are not his only option, however with Neymar now confirmed and another forward to go into the club- player is available. This is not 'new' news.
If this can be concluded- Daniel will deserve a lot of personal credit.

He loves Daniel.

Late last night we had The Cobra, that snakey bastard.
The Cobra said:
Who: The Cobra (via Sibs)
When: 29th May
Where: TFC

Bale dont worry.

Leandro has agreed terms he's seeing Sandro over weekend too. He will 100% be a Spurs player.

AvB has a four year deal on the table. Ripped up old one new comprehensive one ready much bigger say in club. Wants DOF before signing it.

That's it. Water tight ship other wise
All positive. So the day ended on a happy note and everyone could sleep the blissful sleep of the contented.

Until today that is.


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Jul 21, 2012
Morning all so what delights/low points we gonna get today then. But some great itk yesterday hope it keeps coming.


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Mar 30, 2004
The Cobra one looks good. I take it that's whichever site's equiv of the G.O.A.T?


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Jan 28, 2013
Who is the Cobra fellow? I know the chaps over at TFC but I haven't see a bloke called Cobra posting?


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Jul 12, 2012
Morning A&C!

Predictions for the ITK roller coaster today:

Bale's agent will be quoted as inviting offers not just from Real Madrid, but from any one who will help him escape from Daniel Levy's basement.

Spirits will lift when Monaco are linked to Bentley, dipping only slightly when we discover that Andros has hidden in his suitcase and is going wild in Monte Carlo.

Rumors will trickle in that after eating at a Chinese restaurant together, Hugo Lloris and Heurelho Gomes have woken up in one another's bodies.

A bloke on a monorail will pop in, claiming Klaas Jan Huntelaar has just told him that he will personally be sponsoring our new stadium, and has convinced mates Lewandowski and Muller to join Spurs because he helped them move once and they owe him a solid.

Seconds before putting pen to paper on a contract, Leandro is plucked from his chair by a helicopter piloted by Giovanni Luigi, who flies off towards the Amazon jungle cackling madly.

The day ends on a high note when Steven Jovetic, in town to sign a deal with the scum, is hoodwinked when he is met the airport by AVB disguised in a giant sleeping bag, and signs for Spurs without realizing what's happening.


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Aug 31, 2011
Good morning A&C!

Yesterday was one hell of a roller-coaster ride! Absolutely love these mood-swinging days on here! I suspect today will be somewhat dull in comparison, which probably is a good thing... perhaps I will get some work done today...

Nah, probably not... :oops:


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Jan 18, 2005
Christ, don't you people ever sleep?

The Monaco - Lloris link is an interesting one. Pretty sure I remember reading he's from there or thereabouts (and his dad was a Monegasque banker). Might be a move he'd favour somewhere down the line at least.

Seriously hope GB's wage demands are not going to be an issue. Surely the Bentley, Gomes, Gallas (et al) cull will cover his 170k a week?


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Aug 31, 2008
if damiao does sign, blue and yellow will be the greatest cyptic itk ever prophesized in the history of mankind


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Jun 24, 2011
morning all. the most disturbing aspect of yesterday is that it's very much a normal day at the sc office and us mental cases can't stay away :eek:

glad so many sources have tried to calm the situation from yesterday, certainly sounds like damiao may finally be done and that there's a lot of positive stuff going on behind the scenes. i've just had a delivery from the salt mine and am all strapped in for another fun day. why would you be anywhere else?


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Mar 30, 2004
Internacional play tonight/tomorrow morning your/my time. Home to a small team called Criciuma. Was there any indication how long Damiao is 'injured' for? a few weeks or just until his transfer is concluded?


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May 7, 2006
Rully rully srsly hope the Cobra info is accurate. I'm nursing a semi just at the prospect. Especially the AVB stuff. Leandro, meh. Wake me if it actually happens.


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Dec 2, 2004
Think the most relevant info right now is coming from Luis Suarez. If he's as keen to move to Madrid as he says he is then could definitely take them off the scent re. Bale. And I'd imagine Suarez is pretty ITK. Might be in keeping with what a lot of our lot were saying yesterday.
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