The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 3rd July 2013

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Apr 16, 2005
The problem is that this kind of thinking is from the Risdale school of economics. Spurs have the sixth biggest budget in the prem - FACT. So there are 5 teams who can spend more money than us on players and therefore we have the 6th best chance to get champs league football.

I'm sure Levy has done his due dilligence but we're either having a mini clearout or he has been taking drugs. I simply fail to believe he is going against a transfer model that has made us into a highly competitive top 6 team just with the hope we may make champions league. What if we don't make champions league?

So using your logic why didn't Man Citeh win the PL?

Risdale mortgaged future season ticket sales, like are you really stupid enough to think Levy would do that?
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