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Match Threads Spurs vs Man City - FA Cup 4th Round

Jan 26, 2024
KO Time
8:00 pm
0 - 1

Match Prediction

  • Spurs Win

    Votes: 73 52.9%
  • Man City Win

    Votes: 47 34.1%
  • Draw

    Votes: 18 13.0%

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Well-Known Member
Feb 1, 2013
Those City subs particularly De Bruyne were the difference. Their strength in depth is ridiculous, could see those were the aces they had from the beginning and the fact we were outplayed doesn't help. Playing out from the back is great but at crucial times it seems sucidal if players like Hojbjerg tire.

Another trophyless season is so gutting and could have done with a lower level team at home in all honesty. One consolation is at least Spurs haven't got 150+ financial charges piled up against them. The Citeh fans best do the Poznan then lol.

Although I do realise Joe Lewis's trading is one best to look away from as well. It's a murky world when football and money collide. Still us fans will keep living in hope for silverware just another year that it slides away - crap.
115 charges


John Duncan's Love Child
Jul 28, 2006
Kulu - played like he had 20kg tied to his back. Heavy touch , bad passes. Did not play like a 8 should.
Johnson - Once again didnt put the body on the line. Should have done better against Ortega on that chance
Hojbjerg - Sell please
Porro - His worst offensive game all season. Had sooooo many chances in first 60-70min to play the ball behind City backline. Every time, mistimed or mispassed his passes. Just a off day for him.

Overall, Son would have made us more threatening. Even Sarr could have made huge differnce in middle of the park

Hoijberg was our best player for 80 mins though.

But yeah, I get peoples stance on selling.


This is the place to be
May 7, 2004
City bossed a lot of the game but thought we defended well. Our commitment to make a block is top class. I thought we deserved a clean sheet tonight. However didn't create nearly enough for a home game. We missed Son and Maddison with at least one of Sarr or Bissouma. Those are players who we just can't live without against City. Then in those situations you miss Kane as well because if you can't control the game you need a forward who the ball sticks too (Richarlison did his job well don't get me wrong).

Personally think it's a foul for the goal. It always has been that's the most frustrating thing. All of a sudden they're allowing them. You can't just change the rule mid season and not announce it either. No attempt for the ball and a little back in is all it takes to impede the keeper. Sure it's a soft foul but always has been given until recently. If you know the refs are going to allow it more then you change your tactics to protect the keeper with someone.


Prince of Zamunda
Sep 2, 2004
Yep, without Bissouma and/or Sarr in midfield we lack aggression, strength, energy and athleticism.

Hojbjerg had a decent game with the exception of the almost fatal mistake at the end but on the other hand we couldn’t get the ball off City and we had zero control in central midfield. Bissouma and Sarr would have been harassing the City players all game.
I don't think we lacked aggression or energy. But we lacked options to bring on when the players started flagging.

Maddison was not ready for today and there was no one else was on our bench that could have changed the game for us.

What Lies Beneath

Expectation is the root of all heartache
Jul 29, 2011
Sarrs absence in games like these is felt massively you need legs to beat their press and we missed that . Kulu was poor and Bentencur is not back-to his best yet .
Pierre played well but has his limitations which doesn’t suit the system for me . I won’t blame the front three tonight Werner got no service Johnson gets played ball to feet which isn’t his strengths and Richarlison worked his ass off . The signs are there but we need 3 real quality additions in the summer an deep lying playmaker a st and WF


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Jan 4, 2009
Think we missed Bissouma who is super comfortable holding onto the ball in midfield when being pressed by a team like City. Sarr too for breaking shit up.

Our insistence on passing out from the back is annoying at times.


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Jul 7, 2007
@fishhhandaricecake you might disagree with this but I have watched a lot of Nusa and whilst he is a big prospect he is still VERY raw. I’m very curious as to what you disagree with?

I don't think it's farfetched to suggest what you have, but that's probably less to do with Nusa himself and more to do with what else was wrong on the night. As much as I think the quality in wide areas needs to improve, I don't feel like that was the main, sole, or determining issue tonight.


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Aug 20, 2003
Just looking at that replay again and we had three players in and around the 6 yard box not marking anyone, why didn’t Vic have one of them pick Dias up?
Loved Keane’s comment about the ex keeper he used to play with though who said “As a keeper you come with violence”, did crack me up and reminded me of my days between the sticks but I watch games now and it’s so true, none of them own that 6 yd box any more.
Be interesting to hear from anyone who has dealings with teenage keepers as to whether this is something that has to an extent been coached out of younger keepers these days.


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Feb 1, 2013
Hojbjerg was actually really good for the majority of the game. He just had those two really piss poor moments within the space of a minute that could've gifted City a couple of goals. Skipp was also good after he came on and was heavily involved in a couple of good passages of play. If we are looking at individuals then I'd just say that Udogie and Deki were really poor at using the ball tonight. Werner was marginalised all game but he made run after run that was ignored.

A big thing we need to do though is learn to foul properly. City pressed us well but when we got past them they did not hesitate to make the foul and stop the game. Bernado got away with a blatant one in the first half on Deki, Kovacic took a yellow for stopping us from running at their back four and Dias fouled Richarlison constantly. When City played through the first line of our press we let them progress all the way to our 18 yard box.
Udogie poor?"……Our best player . Give yourself a shake.


A dislike or neg rep = fat fingers
Dec 13, 2005
Like Arsenal they were Kings of the half way line take down.

So many innocuous yet deliberate challlenges


Well-Known Member
Aug 31, 2012
Kulu experiment as no8 failed today. Kulu as 8 can work aganst lesser quality teams. Today, he so bad on the ball. We cannot afford a bad passing no8 in our system


Village Idiot
Nov 2, 2004
I don't really watch city, so maybe not the best judge, but I thought we saw the city that won the treble last season, for the first time this season.

That being said, 115 charges without any penalties, gets you a lot of squad options.

On the football side, I thought we did well to contain them, but it was mainly one way traffic.

On a positive note, can be no chance of our woolwich neighbours challenging for anything against that city team.

On a negative, if the premier league bottles this charge list there is really no future for the premier league as an open competition.

On a realistic note, nothing has really changed for our progression, still hopeful of top 4.

Ghost Hardware

Well-Known Member
Aug 31, 2012
I don't think it's farfetched to suggest what you have, but that's probably less to do with Nusa himself and more to do with what else was wrong on the night. As much as I think the quality in wide areas needs to improve, I don't feel like that was the main, sole, or determining issue tonight.
The attaching issue very much came from the centre of the pitch. We just couldn’t control the game for more than the odd 5 mins here and there.

I am a huge fan of Nusa and 100% want us to sign him as I think he has the potential to be world class. But he is still monumentally raw and can be physically week. The issue tonight wasn’t our wingers, we didn’t give them enough chances to be the problem in the first place.

Nusa is a raw 18 year old with a tone of potential but still has a lot of growing to do. If we are at a point where we need a 18 year old who can be bullied off the ball quite easily to make the difference in a match like this then I’m concerned about the rest of our team.


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Jun 3, 2021
Oh well. I didn't want a replay but I'm not having that performance described as "embarrassing". We weren't playing some plucky Championship side, this is arguably the best team in Europe and shock horror they dominated the game for the most part.
100%. The hyperbole on here by some is ridiculous. The idea that we were going to pump City 4 nil just because they have narrowly lost to us at the stadium several times is risible. Look at their bench when Grealish and Doku can came on ....FFS.

Ange has worked miracles given what he has had to deal with and frankly as soon as I saw the FA Cup draw I was convinced we were going out - even with players coming back - because of Son and Sarr and Bissouma being unavailable. Awful draw so early on. That's not being defeatist at all, just that we are some way off City and they won the bloody Treble last season.

We go again.

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