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Match Threads Spurs vs Man City - Day 14

Dec 3, 2023
KO Time

Match Prediction

  • Spurs Win

    Votes: 30 17.9%
  • Man City Win

    Votes: 113 67.3%
  • Draw

    Votes: 25 14.9%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
Feb 1, 2013
Partey, zinchenko, Jesus, odegaard have all been out for a period of time. Absolute myth we have more injuries than anyone else, we just don’t have the depth to deal with it.

Newcastle and Man Utd have had similar injury crises to us, funnily enough they’re doing about as well as us, although they’ve performed better whilst being hammered by injuries than we have with 3 losses for us and our only points coming when blessed with most first team players available.

So much self loathing about our injury crisis in here ffs, couldn’t be more boring.
10 of them have played 10 games or more . No comparison to the clubs who have loads of injuries, including us.
Man Utd are doing ok because they have been playing bottom half clubs. Incl last night they have played 5 top half clubs and lost the lot, usually battered.


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Nov 15, 2018
I'm expecting absolutely nothing yet I'm still somewhat looking forward to it.....
Same mate, it’s a free hit given our situation but also it’s refreshing to have a manager who no matter the circumstances is going to have a go.

It might not pay off but then again it might just.

To dare is to do.

Johnny J

Feral youth roaming Waitrose immorally
Aug 18, 2012
I just hope we put up a good fight don’t get dicked and more importantly don’t pick up any more bloody injuries
I'm not a scientist like Batman - yes he is - but I'm fairly sure the way it works is that when we reach the saturation point and all our players are injured, any subsequent injuries will actually cure players instead.

I believe this is the same law of physics that governs moving off the screen on one side and reappearing on the opposite side.


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Nov 15, 2018
What do we think then guys & gals, same team as Villa but Biss in for Bentancur?

Or do we think Dier will play and if so instead of Emerson or Davies?


But that's a debate for another thread.....
Nov 24, 2013
I'm so relaxed it's not even funny. I expect a defeat so anything is a bonus.
Absolutely this. That hammering at the hands of Newcastle last season was the culmination of a really deep low - regardless of the score, there's so much more to feel optimistic about now.

Ghost Hardware

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Aug 31, 2012
I didn’t know Yago was back from injury. Nice to see him on the bench. Glad we didn’t put PEH in there.


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Jan 4, 2009
Nice team.

Tbf once we get Romero back in, considering all the injuries, it's still pretty good.


Without doubt the dumbest & most clueless member.
Oct 19, 2005
Yago on the bench!
Didn't realise he was back.

Blimey Richy too!

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