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Well-Known Member
May 17, 2005
Too much hoofball again and a bit demoralizing to see Gazzaniga sending it to the stratosphere for Moura and Son to watch the return to earth. Its was pretty passive for the most part, but the defending was much better and deep lying tactics were reasonable in this match's circumstances.

GLC should've scored. He and Winks were good in that later period. Sanchez and Tanganga were impressive. Hopefully Tanganga launches from here.


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Oct 2, 2007
Tells you how far we've regressed. Being proud of losing at home. I can understand not being furious, but proud. Sorry, but that's something a Norwich fan could feel
have to question how much did Liverpool play within themselves in the second half. Yes we nearly made them pay but did feel they had another few gears they could go through if needed


Poch's Blue and White Army!
May 22, 2005
Credit where credits due, Aurier wasn't bad today. Not saying I want him to stay, just saying he was alright.
Winks ran his socks off, needs to be more positive in his play, in my opinion.

Well done to Tanganga, reminds me of King, in terms of his physicality and the way he runs. If he defends like him, I am happy!

Rose was poor today, he's surely done? To win a game of football, you need to keep the ball. Rose just aimlessly booted it wherever and kept giving away possession. Offered no attacking threat, either.

Think dropping Vert was a good decision, he doesn't warrant a place in the first 11 anymore.

Lucas was hit and miss, worked hard with what he got and tried to be positive. Think against a lesser side, he would of got further.

Son blew his chance, along with Lo Celso... What a miss! Shame as when he came on, he changed the game. I wonder why that was? Oh yes, because he actually ran...

I CANNOT wait for Eriksen to leave. He was, again, atrocious. We effectively play with 10 players when he plays. When he came off (to cheers from the crowd) and Lo Celso came on, the difference was so obvious to see.

Best performance, I think, from Spurs since Mourinho took over. Let's hope we get 1 or 2 new faces in and push on. Reckon if we had N'dombele in there, it could of been a closer match.

MoM for me was either Tanganga, Aurier or Alderweirld who I thought were very good at the back. Sanchez was good first half, shaky second.

Dele was on level with Eriksen. He offers nothing, is too slow, one trick pony, poor attitude. I very much hope we ship him off. He brings the team down on more than one level, both physically and mentally.


Yid Army!
Aug 31, 2012
If we played this game under Pochettino we'd have 'had a go' and got swept aside 3 or 4 nil rather than have any chance at nicking a point and quite easily all 3.
100 fucking percent mate, Jose had a game plan and it nearly worked ,of course the purists will complain about it but the players at his disposal and the short time he has had with this team dictated the we had to be pragmatic with our approach.Unlucky Jose .


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Jan 16, 2019
Bit of a side note but Liverpool’s stats over the last season and a half are genuinely incredible


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Jan 27, 2008
have to question how much did Liverpool play within themselves in the second half. Yes we nearly made them pas but did feel they had another few gears they could go through if needed
They looked shot in the last 20 mins.


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Jul 12, 2011
I know we’re all in good spirits compared to what could have been, but we have Watford away next week & that’s a must win so we better fix up our finishing !


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Jul 19, 2015
Such a shame that Mourinho, like Poch, keeps playing Eriksen over Lo Celso. Thought when we actually went for it last 15 mins we were by far the better team.

My MOTM was Tanganga - for a rookie debutant that was an awesome performance, and Sanchez was also very, very good. Cannot see a way back for Vertonghen now.

I really hope that Eriksen (more pathetic corners, free kicks and passes today), Rose (only made one successful pass in the first half!) and Vertonghen (sadly looks past his best and we have to look to the future) are now left out of squads (hopefully to encourage them to love this window for fees), and that we can soon have a midfield three of Ndombele, Lo Celso and a new DCM with a front three from Dele, Moura, Son, Sessegnon and Kane. A back four of Foyth, Toby, Sanchez and Tanganga could really concentrate on defending, and protected by a proper DCM would enable our 5 attacking players to focus on winning games!


Ein trener ich nicht ein idiot
Sep 27, 2005
All in all: that was an OK game. We knew that it wasn’t gonna be easy and the SC lot predicted a heavy loss. 1-0 against the supreme leaders of the PL is good. 2nd half was pretty good. Tanganga my MOTM for Spurs


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Jul 27, 2008
Jose just said on swedish tv that Lamela will likely start the next game and would have today but they didn't want to risk it as he's just coming back from injury
The next game being Middlesbrough replay?


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Jul 3, 2012
Jose is the type to trust in his generals. I hope he learned a lesson today. His tactics were spot on (I’ve been a massive critic of him since he’s been here but I concede) but He needs to learn that Eriksen and Alli will never be the answer, at least not anymore.