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Match Threads Spurs vs Forest

Apr 7, 2024
KO Time
6:00 pm
Spurs 3
Murillo - OG - 15 mins
van de Van - 52 mins
Porro - 58 mins

Forest 1
Woods - 27 mins

Match Prediction

  • Spurs Win

    Votes: 95 87.2%
  • Forest Win

    Votes: 7 6.4%
  • Draw

    Votes: 7 6.4%

  • Total voters

Ron Burgundy

SC Supporter
Jun 19, 2008
Not pretty but job done.
If that’s the summary till the end of the season, I’ll take it.

- Transitional season.
- Had to deal with injuries.
- Several young players still getting used to the league.
- players in some positions maybe in need of an upgrade or conpetition

Ultimately we’re 7 games till the end of the season, and we’re 4th. Got to be very happy with that.


President of The Niles Crane Fanclub
May 7, 2006
You can see the quality we have in fits and starts, the potential this system/team has but man the first season ups and down are draining for a man of my advancing years.

Just got to get through them.


Well-Known Member
Oct 6, 2008
Aware we’re top 4 again - which is brilliant. But my opinion is that team cohesion for prem next year is more important.. arguably we can attract a top quality player being in CL; but I’m (surprisingly) not as bothered as I thought I’d be.


Well-Known Member
Feb 2, 2009
If Ange gave them a kick up the ar*e at HT, then quite fankly they deserved it because we really lost our way in the last 20 mins of of the first half. Much improved second half and good tactical substitutions bring on Bentancur and PEH.

Oh Teddy Teddy

Well-Known Member
Aug 10, 2017
Grateful for 3 points, but another hollow victory if I'm honest. We're lucky 5th might get us CL. I like Ange and almost all of our players in some way or another, but we're fooling ourselves if we think we have progressed in the last 4 months. That's OK, as long as we make the appropriate moves at the end of the season.

what utter nonsense :LOL:
Last edited:


Well-Known Member
Jan 18, 2011
Mad to think we're only 10pt behind city, considering...

2-1 defeat to wolves
2-1 defeat to WHam
2-2 to Everton.

Fine Margins

imagine if we kept Kane and didn’t have that injury crisis from the Chelsea game.

we really shoot ourselves in the foot sometimes


Well-Known Member
Jan 19, 2014
Job done, I suppose, but we will get destroyed playing like this against better teams

I don’t think this is true. We regularly struggle against every team in the league we expect to beat because we never seem to cope with how those teams set up. Playing the bigger teams is a completely different prospect and a lot of the time it suits us better.

We have a better recent record against Man C than Wolves I think, and I feel like we’re just as likely to get a result against Arsenal at home as we are versus West Ham.

Dr Know

SC Supporter
Aug 21, 2008
A win. Champions League. Game in hand.
To be honest mate with the way we defend, I think Villa will take 4th spot. I cant see us getting anything from Man City, Arse, Pool and we might just get a point each from Newcastle and Chelsea as those are the only two that fail to take their chances as bad as we do.


Well-Known Member
Aug 25, 2011
Much better second half, a finally proactive and good subs by Ange.

Bissouma cannot start the next match. He needs to get a good bollocking, no where near playing to the standard he is capable of.
He doesn't need a bollocking.

If he can't realise it himself then he's on borrowed time.

In fact, if we wish to go anywhere Ange needs to be really ruthless with some of these players.

Some of them go through the motions far too often and Anges system requires intensity and focus every second you are on the pitch.

Udogie and Sarr have the excuse of being young and still developing but Bissouma and Deki don't have that excuse, they can afford a bad game but they cannot afford to keep having 20 minute spells where they drop in energy or throw up the ball like they do.

7 games to go. We will see if they can step up and show Ange they are worth persisting with.

But if I was him I'd be harbouring for the following.

LB (to push and rotate with Udogie)
a 6

If some players don't fix up, they can be sold to help fund it.


Well-Known Member
Aug 25, 2011
To be honest mate with the way we defend, I think Villa will take 4th spot. I cant see us getting anything from Man City, Arse, Pool and we might just get a point each from Newcastle and Chelsea as those are the only two that fail to take their chances as bad as we do.
Villa have Pool and Arsenal too.

They also have been defending dreadfully recently.

Despite our issues we are the better team


Well-Known Member
Apr 13, 2011
So much sloppy play from the team and Forest absolutely love to leave a bit on but they managed to get through it and get the points. What a hit by Micky and the header bounce pass for Porro's was a real bit of ingenuity from Bentancur.

Ghost Hardware

Well-Known Member
Aug 31, 2012
I know a few Forest fans and they think Murillo would be harder to replace than Gibbs-White.
As an aside, i know he’s a solid play but wasn’t particularly impressed at all with MGW. I know it’s only one game etc etc. But didn’t inspire me to think he is the one we should be targeting. But obviously you can’t judge too much on one performance and I know he’s supposedly put in some commanding performances of late.

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