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Match Threads Spurs vs Forest

Apr 7, 2024
KO Time
6:00 pm
Spurs 3
Murillo - OG - 15 mins
van de Van - 52 mins
Porro - 58 mins

Forest 1
Woods - 27 mins

Match Prediction

  • Spurs Win

    Votes: 95 87.2%
  • Forest Win

    Votes: 7 6.4%
  • Draw

    Votes: 7 6.4%

  • Total voters

Johnny J

Not the Kiwi you need but the one you deserve
Aug 18, 2012
We were cutting through the with ease. It was too easy. They were open as fuck. We then started playing like we'd already won. Allowed them back into it. And now we're on the back foot.

Like my spaghetti bolognese, our game management is appalling.

Trent Crimm

Well-Known Member
Jun 8, 2021
I understand why Ange has said what he has re finishing top four not being the be / end all. I think he’s also misread his audience (the players). Telling some of that or hearing that has sent them into a chilled out entertainer, David Brent scenario.


Aegina Expat
Feb 1, 2005
We’re going through one of those frustrating sloppy spells that seem to hit us as soon as there’s a setback. We go to sleep, start making poor decisions and seem to lack leadership or direction until we snap out of it.

So frustrating because we can be so much better.


Well-Known Member
Apr 9, 2004
Bissouma has looked better today than he has in a while (though no where near his early season form).

Have to say though, the way we play with this system and set up our defending looks Sunday league at times. The chances we give other teams is insane, and it’s not like it’s the very best teams, even relegation zone teams find it easy to create decent chances against us.

Also, how we have witnessed the months since Christmas where teams have repeatedly targeted Vicario at corners, and yet still, as today, we’re seeing an unmarked oppo player holding him and shoving him about without any of our defenders being told to help him out is either negligent in dealing with the problem or sheer stupidity.

We SHOULD have enough to get back in this and get the three points and Werner has had joy, but I’ve no idea why we repeatedly make it easier for the opposition.


Well-Known Member
Aug 14, 2008
To be fair that's also been a downside of Spurs in general since I was born.
Yeah I get you...we were tight under Poch and Villa Boas and Conte actually but we just didn't score enough under Conte or Vilas Boas.

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