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Player Watch Player Watch: Timo Werner


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Aug 31, 2012
Which youth have we got that offers anything like what Son offers? We want to compete in the Europa, I would trust Werner to fill in for Son in those games.
I mean get a someone that can compete and rotate with Son (and I am not quite sure if Werner is good enough). The youth acts as the 3rd option


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Jan 27, 2011
It’s a shame he has not been available for the last few games. I think he could have made a difference.
Not enough time to fully evaluate, for me.


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Aug 9, 2017
Who is this mysterious youth that we have who can do this as a viable option?
Some might be thinking of Santiago , he's decent but I don't think he is PL level , Ange didn't consider him when we knew Sonny was away with S Korea and went for Werner instead.


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Jul 30, 2004
I'd keep him. He's rapid and a solid pro but mainly because he's learned during his time. He's really worked on pulling to the outside and flashing crosses in or cutting back. He's not flashy but he is effective and experienced enough to know when to play the ball, keeping possession. Almost all wingers these days are brought up inverted so it's a risk bringing them in and asking them to play with their weaker foot. At least he has been able to do that.


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May 2, 2005
Still think I would keep him unless we are planning to spend big money on a wide player, in which case, no, probably doesn't make sense to keep him.

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Mar 10, 2007
Keep at the mooted price, or even another loan if it works for Leipzig. Had good numbers in the game time.

Will have a good understanding of the system after 5 months with Ange.

At least an extra 8 games in the Europa, hopefully more, along with the domestic cups. We'll need the squad.


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May 26, 2013
Offers pace, width, work rate. His finishing is shit but that's why he is worth 15m. Many players in Europe will struggle with his pace. There will be games that we lose or draw because Werner and Johnson will miss open goals but we'll have to live with it. If we add more creativity in midfield, proper striker and some first choice winger he will be very useful.


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Jul 1, 2008
It's a big no from me. Son I presume will move back to the left for the most part next season as the Son as CF experiment has obviously failed. We aren't going to sign Werner and another left winger to have 3 options out there. So if we sign Werner, that's going to be it for the left wing. Which is palpably not good enough. Throw massive wages into the bargain and there's not much in the way of upside here.

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Mar 10, 2007
Less of a bargain when he's reportedly on £165k pw.

We should actively explore other options.
On a 3 year deal at that wage and the suggested price, he will cost roughly 40m over 3 years, but I'd expect he'd take a drop in wages anyway.

Other options could cost north of 40m alone, before we even consider wages. I'm sure we are exploring anyway. But it's a good deal, if Ange wants him then we should do it, and we can't get someone else Ange wants.


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Dec 29, 2006
Its a no from me, if we move Son back to the left, then look to replace Perisic, Werner, Gil and Soloman with an out and out up and coming left winger, ie Nusa (injuries permitting)


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Jun 7, 2022
He has got some obvious strengths to his game and offers us something different at (wages included) a fairly reasonable cost, allowing us to pursue quality targets in other positions. Experienced, knows the system, well integrated.

Personally, I don't like him that much as a player. Too timid and nice, dare I say a bit weak, doesn't get stuck in. Son is a bit similar sometimes, but he brings so much more it's okay.

He is now 28. If we can loan him for one season or sign him for maximum two years, I suppose it makes sense from a squad building perspective. Low risk, medium reward.

If he demands a longer contract I think it's a no from me.


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May 7, 2004
Ideally I think we need to balance things out in attack. Our peak players are Son (back end of his peak) and Richarlison. I think both are good enough, certainly Son but the main question of Richarlison is whether he can stay fit. That leaves us with young players who are old enough and played enough to be starters if good enough but still can improve (Soloman who is too injured so should be sold, Kulusevski and Johnson). Then younger players who are still raw and possibly need to go on loan (Veliz who is reasonable age but needs experience at this level, Moore, Devine, Scarlett, Lanksheare). Some will stay with the academy so may get the odd run out.

The immediate concern this summer will be the prime players. Son is still good for a couple of years I feel but could do with one of the young prospects like Johnson starting to replace in that time. Richarlison is good but can't be relied on to stay fit so I would look for another experienced centre forward. Then we need one more wide attacker for the first team. Werner is in his prime but not good enough to start. That would leave a prime front 3 with Johnson and Kulusevski on their heels and Richarlison for depth. So really if we can make Werner fit in with the squad numbers I don't mind having him as additional cover. However we do need to get 2 first team forwards sorted as priority. Then maybe another young prospect who we loan but we may be ok for youth cover.

I guess in the long run Son moves on and then one younger player closer to their prime steps in with an academy lad then coming into the squad role. Richarlison could be replaced for one of the academy in time. That's the only issue really with Werner if he gets replaced on the bench by a youngster soon we need a deal where we can sell him in a year or two. That's the main question really is if a player is in their peak they should really be good enough to start. It's sort of the issue with GLC as well. Otherwise we may as well have a young prospect since they could still develop further and get into the first team.


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Jun 26, 2012
Keep at the mooted price, or even another loan if it works for Leipzig. Had good numbers in the game time.

Will have a good understanding of the system after 5 months with Ange.

At least an extra 8 games in the Europa, hopefully more, along with the domestic cups. We'll need the squad.

He was brought in and asked, quite clearly, to do a specific job for us for a few months. Given his output in a new team, joining halfway through a season, he’s a no brainer signing for me.

We should still push the boat out for a top quality winger, but he’s a great option to have.


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Aug 31, 2012
Somebody out there disagrees with you, Gil has played at every level for Spanish international teams from U16 level to the senior squad, Santiago appearances for Spain , zero.
and what has Gil done in a Spurs shirt?
back to Werner - I rather us signing a top player and use our youth to fill the squad instead of signing 2 ok-ish players who we will probably struggle to shift in a few years after finding out that they are not good enough, which I think Werner would fall into this category. It's not like we are considering keeping or selling Werner, we need to pay 17m to sign him.
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