Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele


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Aug 31, 2012
The scary thing is he's still not quite coping with the physicality yet. If he gets to work in the gym so he can brush off opponents and win midfield duels like Dembele did then he will be unplayable.


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Dec 6, 2006
You deserve more than that for "The Sessinator"
I read The Sessinator and instantly saw The Sherminator in my head! Love those films!

Anyway, Ndombele is serious quality, his quick incisive passing is so so good and probably something we haven’t had since the Modric days. I think he could eventually become both our creator and our dictator from the middle of the park. Look forward to watching him get better and better.


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Oct 17, 2006
I understand what you mean, but I still disagree mate. You make the same point as the original poster in essence. You are saying that the term beast is fair in sports, but when used to describe a black player "it is often to the implied exclusion of more intellectual traits". Whilst there are occasions where this may be true, especially in Ndombele's case, it couldn't be further from the truth. Everyone I think is in agreement that Ndombele's main attributes are his intellect and his technique. So why would "beast" be an issue? It isn't, plainly. As another poster mentioned, your race is irrelevant in the context of this argument. No one has made a characterisation of Ndombele based on the colour of his skin. If they had, then your personal point of view wouldn't only be relevant, it would be crucial.

Consider Liverpool's banner of Origi or Silva's Mendy post. I'd listen to your personal view there with great interest and form my own opinion based on what you feel. But in this particular case, yours or anyone else's race is completely irrelevant IMO. There was no characterisation made on race. A black person turned it into a discussion about race.

And I can, for the life of me I can, understand why this has happened. In a society filled with subconscious racism (which is the worst kind as it usually comes from educated individuals), there should be rigid scrutiny of terminology and lexicology used. But we shouldn't be hunting for discrimination in used terms. Someone who hears someone describe a magnificent technical footballer like Ndombele with the word beast, and thinks of his colour, is the person who in his own subconscious is thinking of the player's colour! That's my point.

Hence why I said if this term was used in the Sissoko thread to a similar reaction, I'd perhaps understand any potential grievances, as Sissoko's main attribute happens to be his physical prowess. Not because he's black, but because he's a strong fucker!

I sincerely hope you can understand what I mean. I really do. I'm not sweeping racism or subconscious racism under any carpets here. I'm saying that we shouldn't look for it where it doesn't exist, as that's perhaps discriminatory in itself.
As a blackman I both agree with and applaud your post!!