Player Watch - Steven Bergwijn


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Jul 9, 2007
Whilst his stats can only be used as an indicator, they suggest he's not too shabby.

Like any signing, you just got to hope that they can come in and excel.

At the price mooted, I'd be more concerned if we didn't take the leap of faith. Read so many times why didn't we sign player X,Y,Z before they signed for club A,B or C for a reasonable fee.Excelled, now worth big bucks.

No guarantees when signing a player.

But if you don't try... you'll never know.
I'm boring myself here but stats really don't suggest much in that division, put any of our attacking midfielders in that league and they'd get double figures in both goals and assists The main indicator is performances, attributes and looking at performances in Europe.

For what it's worth two three games is a small sample. Similarly he was a very young player when looking at these performances and his breakthrough year was really last season. He is a young player who is still developing and he does have some decent attributes.


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Jun 1, 2011
Although in my opinion clearly not your intention and I know Cloudy well enough to understand why you find it funny, because Bergwijn is a black player some might see having a monkey character in a negative light due to perceived racism. Personally in my opinion not your intention but that is what is being inferred here.
Thank you, and therein lies the problem. I'm not responsible for what others perceive. It never even crossed my mind as my focus was simply on the name.

Nice to know that you've taken it in EXACTLY the way it was intended.


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Aug 31, 2012
Somehow, Bergwijn reminds me of Sadio Mane. Both have similar build & style of play. Bergwijn has million miles to go to Mane level. But at last, we are buying someone, who is of similar style


Aug 5, 2008
Duly noted my friend.

I'd hope that all on here know me well enough by now to realise the intent.
You'd hope so, but this is the internet.

Just to be clear I wasn't implying there was anything untoward in your intent.

Hence 'ill-judged' rather than 'disgusting'


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Jul 20, 2011
Partly due to Pochettino never actually playing them for their first six months here, I imagine.

And then we wonder how we became so stale.
I'd say it was the 18 months without signings and the apparent lack of ambition to rival Man City and Liverpool that caused our squad to grow stale. Had we signed a couple of players like Mane, Bale, Werner etc (all strongly rumoured at some point, even if they were never going to happen) two summers ago, I don;t think any of our key players would have become so unsettled or demotivated.

To be fair to Poch, there was some logic to slowly bedding them into the starting XI. Most joined late in the window, having missed preseason and been unsettled at their previous club for a while. We also seem to have bad luck with new signings picking up injuries early on (perhaps due to the combination of missing preseason and Poch's intense training regime). At least in the first three seasons, Poch demanded a high intensity press, so most players would have taken time to adjust to that.

If I recall correctly, Wanyama was signed in June and went straight into our starting XI at the start of the new season.
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Aug 31, 2012
If he can cross a ball he is more than welcome.

Seriously though, looks like him, Son and Kane could have a good balance to it, assuming he adapts to PL of course.


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May 26, 2013
Good signing, I wish we signed Olmo who is even less expensive and perfect replacement for Eriksen but Bergwijn is certainly a good prospect and will give us more pace.