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Player Watch Player Watch: Radu Dragusin

Scott Spur

SC Supporter
Aug 9, 2011
So I wonder if we’ve improved the purchase package to Genoa, or the wages package to the player……or both?


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Aug 6, 2019

"dad, tell me about this saga"

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Ron Burgundy

SC Supporter
Jun 19, 2008
This is your absolutely classic (short term) transfer saga.

- player no one's heard of: check
- youtube watched, we fall in love: check
- looking to be going well, but shouts for 'get it done early': check
- bigger club swoops in: check
- a lot of people revert to hormonal 12 year olds, totally lose their shit and blame Levy: check
- we track flights for news, and generally embark on an emotional roller coaster: check

Would be great (on many levels) to get him, but we're fishing for some hot tickets in the same pond as some big dogs, so (if you'll excuse the mixed metaphor) it's inevitable that some of these will go wrong. At least it shows we're targeting the right players.

....I'm being pragmatic on this one. Let's just see.