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Player Watch Player Watch: Guglielmo Vicario


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Aug 31, 2012

this might show why he may have been distracted, ben White trying to take off his gloves
That was fairly obvious before their first goal - you could see White reaching to Vicario's wrist, the only conclusion was that he had undone (or tried to undo) the velcro strap on his glove.


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Aug 8, 2019
I'm no goalkeeping coach, but surely it is something he can get better at. He's got such a great mentality and does a lot of other things brilliantly. It would be a shame for us to have to replace him in the next couple of years.


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Aug 31, 2012
It’s really sad but his aerial weakness is a fatal flaw

I agree he is not that good in the air, but at the same time we allow the opponents to push him back. We have to put someone between Vic and the opponent (like White today). Screen them so Vic can work around them and go for the ball.


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Jan 30, 2022


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Aug 20, 2003
People are totally missing though that a few weeks back we changed the approach because the goalkeeper has obviously said he doesn't want a lot of people on top of him. Even today in the second half there was a moment caught on cam where Sarr was asking whether he'd like him in there helping out and Vicario just waved him away.

When you ask for that to happen, you've got to be dealing with that area immediately in front of goal yourself. For goal three it's dropped centrally a couple of yards out. Lloris, Friedel, whoever from yesteryear would be getting slaughtered for not being there for it and so should he. I thought that one towards the end VDV headed off the line was just as bad.

There are huge problems with what the rest of the team are doing and they need rectifying, but the goalkeeper is just as big a problem and is probably a huge distraction for his team mates. @Shanks is completely right, his positioning footwork indecisiveness and inability to put himself about is really weak stuff and he allows himself to get tamely screened off, not even physically blocked off, with far too much ease.

For the record, in general I'm not too high on Vicario and if it was down to me he'd not be the Tottenham goalkeeper. Having an extremely solid shot-stopper was refreshing in the first weeks/months of the season, but I'd love and prioritise someone who is towards the elite end of pinging the ball about and can spray those passes through the lines (our football surely would be helped by this) and now we've got his set piece struggles on show. But I don't think we're going to be making a change, so in the coming months he simply must take huge steps in how he approaches these set pieces, because other teams are just going to keep bombarding him.
Quite simply as the keeper he should be sorting them out at the back with fk’s and corners, there’s no point having a system if the keeper can’t play to it.
Defensively we are a complete shower on corners and have been for months, Vic’s problems with corners have been highlighted so often but we haven’t done anything about it.
There’s a few of us on here with half decent experiences in keeping, whether playing, coaching or siblings and the common narrative is that he needs to be stronger.
He has got to start commanding his box and stop being bullied, all it will take is for him to walk through a couple of players and he’ll stop getting targeted.
He needs to own his six yard box, it’s like being picked on at school, until you fight back the bullies will keep coming.


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Aug 20, 2013
I think it's clearly become a confidence issue now for all concerned, really from that Everton game where they completely mugged us off. There is no trust from anyone that we can just deal with the situation which leads to indecision and a lack of proactivity, and while they keep going in from these situations it's tough to see it changing.

Obviously a massive area to look at come the end of the season and really put some time into. Vic could do with putting on a couple of kg of muscle up top also as he is a lanky sod. He needs to be able to give as good as he is getting. But we absolutely have to sort the shitshow in front of him out above all. He is a top keeper, and it would be a shame to not get this situation under control.


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Dec 27, 2004
We just don't have defenders with a real desire to head the ball apart from romero

But Vicario needs to come off his line. He needs to bulk up too

But he will be a spurs great


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Feb 14, 2005
Scout reports were highlighting the same issue. Can be improved on no doubt.
It’s not just him though. The entire coaching around defending corners needs a complete rethink.


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Jul 12, 2004
For me he has to improve on dealing with corners or we will need to upgrade in the close season. We’re giving away what feels like a goal a game from corners


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Jun 13, 2008
Westham goal....

Frame 1 : Its pouring rain at the time. Bissouma in front of Vicario. Bissouma trying to also unsettle Antonio. 4 Spurs players around Zouma. Van de Ven tries jumps and misreads flight of the ball and misses. And Zouma behind scores easly. Whoever the GK,in this situation is going to think twice before come out flapping. Given especially here Bissouma is front of him, he isnt going to bulldoze his way through

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Not seeing anything to dispel what I said from this still. This actually doesn't look too difficult for a keeper tbh. He should be proactive/quick on his feet, going round the front of Bissouma (who is doing his job fine from this one pic and protecting his keeper), and then he's got tonnes of space to claim the ball. It's usually his own fault he gets stuck, in my opinion.


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May 11, 2005
I agree he is not that good in the air, but at the same time we allow the opponents to push him back. We have to put someone between Vic and the opponent (like White today). Screen them so Vic can work around them and go for the ball.
It's the keepers responsibility to stop that happening.

Imagine a centra back getting pushed so easily back and asking his team mates for help...

What he needs to do is start higher and stay higher, pushing everyone away from him, to stop it happening.

I'd be very surprised rhat this isn't being coached and worked on tbh


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Feb 5, 2005
My question is why we aren’t more aggressive on our attacking corners? Why isn’t van der ven doing to Raya what White is to Vicario? If you can’t beat em join em.


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Jul 29, 2011
Isn't he relatively young for a keeper? Hoping this is something that can be taught, unlike reflexes for shot stopping.