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Player Watch Player Watch: Dejan Kulusevski


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Aug 8, 2019
Deki was a mixed bag on the weekend. He misplaced more than one simple pass whilst at the same time creating two great chances for Werner and Son. The attack that he ruined before the Luton goal though was bad because a natural right footer like Johnson drives down the outside and cuts the ball back.


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Jan 23, 2006
He’s got a very good cross on him but with our current striking options he would be just as ineffective on the left as he is on the right. Kane dominated in the air and with the ball at his feet, whereas Son has no aerial presence and Richarlison isn’t a starter due to his limitations. Should we sign a new striker who is decent in the air then we may see the best of Kulu on the left.
And we absolutely should sign a new striker.


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Nov 11, 2011
I think Maddison is just as poor as Deki for us at the moment. Playing Deki as a number 10 is an option as he seems to enjoy the central role - and Johnson is just a better orthodox winger.


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May 7, 2004
I don't think Kulu can do Sarr's role. A lot of work, effort, and discipline required to do his role. So underrated what Sarr does.
Kulusevski has all of those things. His main weakness is end product in the final third.


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Sep 9, 2014
He has played best in the middle of pitch and I could be wrong on this, but his biggest moments and goal contributions have come from the middle of the pitch or where he could be arriving in the box for that goal-scoring opportunity from midfield.

I think his future is there. Not that he couldn't play out on the right against certain opposition or in a pinch, but I think our quality of squad would grow immensely with a RW who could allow him to do that.


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Dec 6, 2006
I would be quite intrigued to see a midfield of Bentancur, Sarr and Kulusevski.

Bentancur can be the playmaking 6, with both Sarr and Kulusevski being the engines in midfield with the pressing of both of them being up there with the best in the league.


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Aug 30, 2017
Not a great advert for him playing the 10 position. Sloppy passing, poor positioning and then that decision at the end...

First poor patch he's had for us so far though, so I trust he'll turn it around soon. And he's certainly not the only player off the boil, most of the team are currently.


Jul 24, 2013
I’d have been less angry at him if, with that final touch of the game, he’d simply picked up the ball and walked off the pitch.

Maddening decision, especially as I think Richarlison was offside anyway.


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Jul 10, 2015
seems back to his Juve form, not fast enough, not good enough on the ball, not able to find a pass.

need him explosive and back to his best ASAP


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Jul 7, 2007
I’d have been less angry at him if, with that final touch of the game, he’d simply picked up the ball and walked off the pitch.

Maddening decision, especially as I think Richarlison was offside anyway.

First I was annoyed that it went out to him, and then when I saw what pass he decided to go for... 🤦‍♂️ That pass never really looked on, and it was the hardest one he could have gone for.

In all truth though, he shouldn't have even been occupying the role in the first place. I for one have never been convinced that he should be ahead of Lo Celso in the pecking order when it comes to that position.


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Jan 7, 2007
Is it too lazy to say that he’s turning into juve kulusevski, without ever having watched juve kulusevski?


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May 15, 2008
A bit predictable imo. Bring it in on his left and go nowhere, rinse repeat.


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Jul 3, 2017
I’m sorry but Kulu is not a patch on Gio as a midfielder and it’s not even close. Madds was average today but bringing Kulu on really stifled us.


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Jun 14, 2021
Juve Kulu, at the grand age of 20 won two honour's, scoring one goal and created another in one of the finals. He has created 55 chances this season, we've taken 3 of them. He is a creative CM. In less than a full season on loan at Parma he scored 9 and assisted a higher figure. He is 23 FFS, cut him some slack. If we could make the most of the chances he creates, there would be no question about his ability. None of our front 3 last night can hold the ball up, or perform convincingly with their back to goal. Maddison has always been hot and cold. Right now half the team are off form.


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Aug 8, 2019
I don't get it. I thought he was decent when he came on, and yet he is getting pelters in here and in other threads. Sure, his final attempt to put it into the box was ridiculous (awful, awful, awful, and frustrating, as was the failed pass to Son earlier), but he was constantly on the move, combined very well with the midfield and Porro around the penalty area several times, and he picked out Lo Celso in the box for the chance that fell to Udogie, which really should have been a goal. I swear, so many people make up their mind based on one thing. Doesn't matter what happens before or after that.

I do however feel he should have come on instead of Werner. He looked done at that point, whereas Maddison was still trying to make things happen.