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Match Threads Newcastle vs Spurs

Newcastle vs Spurs
Apr 13, 2024
KO Time
12:30 pm
4 - 0
Isak 30 mins
Gordon. 33 mins
Isak 51 mins
Schar 87 mins

Match Prediction

  • Spurs Win

    Votes: 45 42.5%
  • Newcastle Win

    Votes: 37 34.9%
  • Draw

    Votes: 24 22.6%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2018
Completely get the criticism of Ange and the system today as a pattern is emerging in these away games especially lately but I still think it’s partly down to Ange and his team selections, partly down to a lack of quality especially in attack and partly down to our team still being really young so mistakes will happen, Udogie and VDV are what 22?! They are no where near their peak so as much as people won’t like to hear it as I’ve said from day 1 this season we will have ups and downs in terms of performances as a team and as individuals.

Give Ange a top class striker, top class winger, top class CDM and a few more better squad fillers at full back and a 4th CB so 6 signings this summer and we will look a completely different team next season imo.

BUT that being said Ange today shouldn’t have played Biss & Maddison, not fair on PEH & GLC who both deserved a start.


Well-Known Member
Feb 28, 2005
This. It's year 1 of Ange's reign. Pep finished 3rd in his first season. Arteta took 3 years to start getting results.

If we want success and believe Ange is the man for it, we need to learn to be patient.
I get and understand the patience but, really do. But Jesus wept, we are making stupid mistakes that have nothing to do with a project. It’s basic errors and we see them more than we don’t. And also, where is the passion?? Where is the will to go toe to toe with these guys and match them?? And Ange has to take responsibility also and I have seen it said here many times and I agree, his stubbornness is hurting us at times. Pivot slightly man.

G Ron

Well-Known Member
Aug 24, 2012
I’d 100% have Kulusevski on at h/t and stick him up top centrally. We need a presence there.

In fairness barring Johnson you could probably drag any of the others

Mr Pink

SC Supporter
Aug 25, 2010
Why are we continuing to be poor in every first half we play?

Very, very strange pattern


Well-Known Member
Jun 2, 2019
Watch the first goal back. Romero does not look at Isak one single time. Only watches the ball. Then rushes Gordon. It is so unbelievably bad


Well-Known Member
Dec 27, 2004
Moment VDV got booked keep thinking he will get a 2nd and miss the NLD. Hoping by writing this it won't happen as I get nothing right


Well-Known Member
Apr 25, 2006
our say in the title race is just going to be who inproves their GD the most against us.

terrified at the thought of those 3 games playing like this.


SC Supporter
Jan 1, 2008
Eddie Howe has Ange in his pocket. We have a lot of player’s performing well below their level but really tactically Ange has been owned. They set up deep when the ball is on their half but push hard when it’s in ours and look to exploit the wings and move the ball quickly when in possession. He’s seen the weaknesses in our tactics and completely exploiting it. Credit to Howe tbh. Our players look completely lost.

Now it’s down to Ange to fix this second half but I think Newcastle have us in the palm of their hand given the score line. Got a big 45 coming up.
We see this so often that it’s not actually that difficult for the opposing manager to drill into his side for the week prior to facing us because there is an identikit tactic in how to play against us with absolutely no variation or nuance in how we approach a game home or away, against a top side or bottom.


Well-Known Member
Jan 26, 2005
Royal, Hoijberg and Kulusevski/GLC on for Udogie, Bissouma and Werner.

Maybe introduce Sarr soon after as well.


Well-Known Member
Feb 28, 2005
Too much time farting about on social media and making it look like it all Rosie in the garden. Spare me


Well-Known Member
Jul 7, 2007
Inverting our full backs is yet again causing more problems than solutions.

This is starting to become my biggest annoyance I think, and I'm finding myself yearning for our fullbacks to just cover the massive spaces we so often leave. Both Porro and Udogie's influence in our attacking play has lessened as the season's gone on, and to a state where they're adding so little to our attack that the trade-off looks really questionable.


Well-Known Member
May 18, 2004
This system will not work against counter attack without midfielder who can defend. End of.


Well-Known Member
May 31, 2005
We know Ange's tactics aren't possession for possession's sake, he wants to go forward with intensity at all times. For some reason, the players just aren't doing it.

It's as if they are so afraid of losing the ball that the play ends up so slow and safe in dangerous areas we lose the ball anyway.
I'm wondering, is it the system that is always going to leave us defensively short and depending on the centre halves recovery, or is it the personnel. Whatever, this midfield with Bissouma is consistently coming up short along with our forward line. We seem further away from where I thought we were months ago.

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