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Match Threads Newcastle vs Spurs

Newcastle vs Spurs
Apr 13, 2024
KO Time
12:30 pm
4 - 0
Isak 30 mins
Gordon. 33 mins
Isak 51 mins
Schar 87 mins

Match Prediction

  • Spurs Win

    Votes: 45 42.5%
  • Newcastle Win

    Votes: 37 34.9%
  • Draw

    Votes: 24 22.6%

  • Total voters


President of The Niles Crane Fanclub
May 7, 2006
Not having Sonny down the middle any more. He may as well not be playing. Another who has been so weak and profligate in possession

And we always play shit in it!!!
He's been truly dreadful, no doubt about it.


Well-Known Member
Aug 26, 2019
Shame Isaak will be way out of our price range now. Guy is quality and has been since he came to the PL


Well-Known Member
Aug 31, 2012
And do something Ange, for fuck's sake. Him shaking his head at the ref not giving a Newcastle player a yellow was about as emotional as I've seen him on the touchline. Where's the energy in the technical area we've all seen from his time at previous clubs? He just stands there with his hands in his pockets, it's infuriating.

Trent Crimm

Well-Known Member
Jun 8, 2021
They are so much quicker than us in what they do while everything we do is so slow beginning with Vicario taking for ever to decide if he’s going to play out from the back or go long.
Their attack has caused our defense all sorts of problems whereas our attack hasn’t bothered their defense at all.

Better coached. Simple.


Well-Known Member
May 14, 2014
I suppose they’ve never been tried at such a high level.

I still think we lack quality in some areas which stops the system from working as effectively as it should do but as big a fan of Ange as I am I do agree that at times the tactics do come across as a tad naive but as I said I minute ago the idea is similar to guadiola where you’re supposed to utterly dominate possession and keep the opponents down the other end and limit them to just the occasional counter attack which you shut out but lately we aren’t creating good chances when we attack, we aren’t keeping the ball well enough and we are giving away far far too many chances on transitions.

For me it can work, we saw that in the opening 11 matches of the season but something isn’t quite right currently.

I think this game is over now but the issue is if we keep playing like this we will certainly lose to Arsenal, Liverpool and City and will slip to 5th.
Love your positive outlook mate.

The worry I have is whilst player quality will improve and we will hopefully create more chances and chances of a better quality. We give up far too many good chances for opposition, 2v2 and 3v3. This isn't sustainable IMO, the opening 11 games were excellent but since then teams have adapted to us and we look toothless but still give up periods in games where teams get plenty of good chances.

I think for the system to work in of our fullbacks needs to sit on and give us a 3-3-4 shape in possession as opposed to the current 2-3-5.

Ad you say some really worrying games coming up against the big 3. Could be brutal with our current performance levels.

Ghost Hardware

Well-Known Member
Aug 31, 2012
Eddie Howe has Ange in his pocket. We have a lot of player’s performing well below their level but really tactically Ange has been owned. They set up deep when the ball is on their half but push hard when it’s in ours and look to exploit the wings and move the ball quickly when in possession. He’s seen the weaknesses in our tactics and completely exploiting it. Credit to Howe tbh. Our players look completely lost.

Now it’s down to Ange to fix this second half but I think Newcastle have us in the palm of their hand given the score line. Got a big 45 coming up.


But that's a debate for another thread.....
Nov 24, 2013
This. It's year 1 of Ange's reign. Pep finished 3rd in his first season. Arteta took 3 years to start getting results.

If we want success and believe Ange is the man for it, we need to learn to be patient.
Good luck on here with that.


Well-Known Member
Dec 27, 2004
Also conceded 1 is what it is but u can't concede another 90 seconds later. I'm really pissed off with this half more than normal


Well-Known Member
Nov 1, 2011
One thing, can Ange motivate the players?

We’ve been shite for months, and we start every game fucking crap. How is it the same week after week?

I have my doubts


Well-Known Member
Aug 16, 2008
Thankfully didn't see the second goal. But that first goal from what should have been a chance for us son and Maddison somehow fuck-up around the newcastle box and it's down the other end and it's a goal to Newcastle.

Mr Pink

SC Supporter
Aug 25, 2010
Bissouma cant start the NLD, we'lll get totally overrun.

Seen enough of him for now, he's literally struggling to control the ball when he receives a pass


Well-Known Member
Sep 13, 2020
We shit the bed far too often. It’s pathetic. Ange has a LOT of work to do still


Well-Known Member
Jan 20, 2011
Does feel as though if we have a couple of players who are not on there game in this system/style of play, we can be brutally exposed. Throw in errors and it can get very messy. Newcastle just look faster and stronger all over the pitch and think the disappointing thing for me is we seem to be unable to match them. With our style of play, if the opposition are stronger,, faster and generally outworking us, we are bang in trouble and likely to have our pants pulled down badly imo.


Well done boys. Good process
Jun 20, 2012
You can’t be successful playing this system , we are totally reliant on last ditch VDV challenges and if he is off it then we’re in trouble , we are the opposite of compact and the worry is , like at Fulham - Ange just standing there with hands in his pockets watching this sh/t show unfold .
Commentators mentioned he was losing it on the touch line.


Well-Known Member
Aug 31, 2012
Said it during the forest game, we are going to struggle in this run in. Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City are going to have a field day with us if we play like we have been for a while.
We're getting the square root of fuck all from those 3 matches if we turn up anything like we have in first halves recently. Never mind us influencing the title race, they'll all be influencing who does and doesn't get Champions League.

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