Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

How do you feel about Mourinho appointment

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  • Meh - will give him a chance and hope he is successful

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  • Horrified - praying for the day he'll fuck off

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Zummerzet Spur

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Aug 21, 2013
To be fair I think Toby has always carried himself professionally and put in a shift which is more can be said for some of the other contract dodgers!


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May 8, 2011
JM won’t just have a large salary, he will bring in money.

We are wall to wall this am


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Jan 17, 2011
If anything that is the most ballsy appointment Levy could have made. A manager who is known for calling out the people at the top and wanting signings. As far from a yes man as could be.
Agree totally. The easy option would be Howe or the equivalent... Probably the most risky appointment during his tenure from a Levy standpoint.


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Oct 21, 2012
Another plus, the defence will not have 3 to 4 changes every match.

Such a shit Poch lost his way.
Why cant these coaches just use the 'keep it simple stupid' rule and go back to basics when the wheels fall off?
Play a system that worked. Pick players that areputting a shift in and stop bloody changing it every match. Its called consistency.

Belt up people. This is gonna be a bumpy ride.


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Jul 6, 2012
Agree totally. The easy option would be Howe or the equivalent... Probably the most risky appointment during his tenure from a Levy standpoint.
If Levy wanted to be a pussy he could have take Hughton as a caretaker until the summer and then gotten Howe or another young/cheap yes man for a new "project". I really respect this decision from Levy.


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Jan 27, 2011
Do we think we'll try and tie down the Ajex trio to extensions? Very unlike Spurs but...
You never know it might have been part of it. One thing Levy is known to hate is allowing players to leave on a free, maybe he has been given some assurances that won't happen if he removed Poch?


Oct 2, 2004
Don't like Mourinho and have never liked him as a person, and just because he's with Spurs now doesn't mean he's suddenly okay.

I just hope we don't get all the same media nonsense that he's had elsewhere and I hope he has learnt how to win without spending since leaving United.

I also hope we have another manager lined up for about 18 months time because that's when he'll start looking elsewhere.

Other than that...delighted!


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Aug 22, 2014
It will be interesting to see what happens with both the players who want out at the end of the season and our young prospects Tanganga, Parott and Skipp.

I haven t been a fan of Mourinho's in the past but I can only get behind him and wish him to succeed with us.


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Sep 19, 2017
I've suspected Mourinho has just been waiting for our call anyway. He's been declining offers and complimenting us openly. Don't think it was much work needed there really...
Cock teasing us all season


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Jul 24, 2005
1. Disappointed Poch is going and REALLY don’t think Moanhio is a good fit for our club or our chairmen. It’s got clusterfuck written all over it.

2. short term, yes (this season) beyond that it will start unravelling when Levy refuses to spend.

3. Boring cynical football.

4. Tough one. He’ll basically want a new team from a defensive aspect so they won’t gain imho. Obviously attackers won’t gain under him.

5. No trophies, ship steadied followed by a blow up this time next year after Levy doesn’t back him.

And finally, It’ll end in tears - incompatible with Levy.
Are Jose's transfer targets going to be any more expensive than the one's Poch would've wanted?

Really not sure how I feel about Jose.

He’s lost a lot of stock over the years but he still wins trophies. I don’t think the massive players would want to play for him nowadays as much as they would’ve a few years ago. His time at Utd was deemed a failure even though he won 2 trophies. He was constantly negative and moaning in interviews (much like Poch this year) and that was with unlimited millions at Utd, he won’t get anywhere near that here, so I can’t really see how that will change. The only thing in our favour is expectations would be much lower at us than at Utd so he might thrive like he did at Porto.

He does win stuff though. I can’t say I’m looking forward to his style of play but then again we’ve been pretty shit to watch in the PL for a while now. Part of me thinks it could be another AVB (sacked from a bigger club then coming to us and failing miserably because of lack of money and personality) but part of me thinks he would love to prove people wrong.... and rub it in Chelsea and Utd’s noses. And end up being a short term success at least.

I hated his press conferences, he was always amusing and arrogant when he came to England, now he’s angry, depressed and still arrogant. If he can find the spark he used to have then I’ll welcome him with open arms. If not, I’ll support him as I would anyone, but I’ll have my doubts.

My first choice would’ve been Allegri but Jose, you just never know, he’s had a break and might just be well up for it. Will he get the support from Levy though? I imagine this is what they’ll mainly be discussing now.....

I miss Poch already.
I think it's going to be down to expectations like you say. He was hired at United with the expectation that he would challenge City for the title, but although he spent a lot of money there he was never given enough money to bridge the gap between them. I think City outspent United during his time there.

Man United transfer record:
Summer 18
- Fred, baaaaaad
- Dalot, meh?
Summer 17 + Winter 18
- Lindelof, decent player
- Matic, good one season then fell off
- Lukaku, not good enough
- Sanchez, complete bust & horrible, horrible signing
Summer 16
Bailly, not good enough
- Ibrahimovic, good signing
- Mkhitaryan, bust
- Pogba, great player but inconsistent

Not exactly exciting reading boys & girls! One good season of Matic, one good season of Ibra, & probably only Pogba in 3 TW windows being the only player United would be happy about signing still to this day. Ibra obviously as well but was on a free.
Can't agree with a lot of that.

Dalot - Just turned 20, not sure what you expect.
Lukaku - Scored more than a goal every other game during Jose's time there. Not a great all round player, but a good goal scorer. Not sure why people label him a failure at United.
Sanchez - Complete disaster, but not sure if Jose wanted him?
Bailly - Looked good until the injury. Can't really blame Jose for that.
Pogba - No doubt about his ability, but his attitude seems to be awful. They'd probably make money if they sold him.
Mkhhitaryan - He was OK. Not great, not awful.

So Fred and Sanchez were the only really bad signings. Every club makes a few bad signings - just look at some of the players Pep brought in and then replaced within a season or two.