Lack of mental strength or ability?

Biggest hurdle

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Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn
May 17, 2005
Well , looking at the recent Chelski match ,it seemed plain to me that their expensive players had better technique on the ball .

That level of technique is what your millions will buy . We got to the top table with our amazing energy and press . Toby's key quote 'Without our effort we are nothing' still resonates in these days where those exceptional energy levels have dropped away .

Why that has happened I can't say , but in this new situation the probs stem from the technical shortcoming of many of our players
rather than their mentality IMO .
The amount of times I’ve seen us fail to trap a simple ball to feet beggars belief. The biggest difference I see between us and the truly top teams is the accuracy and crispness of the passing and the close control.


My eyes have seen some of the glory..
Nov 8, 2004
Lack of squad depth and competition for places is now our biggest problem. We have some fantastic players, they just need to be added to

Our lack of cover & competition in certain areas is pathetic


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Sep 15, 2012
Talking about mental strength or do you mean just mental.
I have been watching the Wolves v Man Unt game and watching Smalling and what a player he is a rugby player really but plays football as well I have never known a player get away with what he gets away with he uses his hands in almost every confrontation.
It is incredible that he gets away with it all the time and what is amazing as well he is an international and when I think of the rolls Royce of a player Ledley King and how he never to my knowledge resorted to man handling opponents because he did not need to he was just quicker and better than opponents so sad .Smalling = Mental


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Aug 22, 2017
Our problem is we compete against the best football teams on the planet in both competitions we take seriously and are ranked 10th financially. This doesn't include owners shares that they can pour into a club like City or Chelsea.

The quality in our squad is good but it's not elite. There's no Messi or Ronaldo level players, no world record transfers in our squad or ever signed. Our highest fee we've been able to pay is less than what Everton have paid in the past & just a little more than what West Ham are able to shell out.

We compiled a team consisting of Lloris, Trippier, Vertonghen, Alderweireld, Rose, Dier, Winks, Dele, Eriksen, Son, Kane together for roughly £80m. Yes we've signed others along the way like Sissoko etc but the main nucleus of our team cost the same as Lukaku pretty much yet we still have a very similar amount to the other solid teams when it comes to actual cash accessible at present.

We come up short on the field because we come up short everywhere else from finances to fans, brand, buzz about the club, wages we can pay, fees we can spend in fact we over achieve based on all of our areas we lack so is it underachieving or overachieving?

We lack the quality on the pitch and it doesn't matter how good your mentality is, you need a sprinkle of something else to take it to the next level which can only be found in talent and buckets of cash these days.

We have a great squad but there's a reason why nobody ever gives us a chance of winning the league every season, it's because talent wise we come up a little short.


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Aug 29, 2006
It's difficult to label Spurs weak mentally. Look a Manchester City as a case study. City were the typical definition of a weak club whoring around the lower leagues for ages in the shadows of the giant Manchester United. Manchester City have been one of the luckiest clubs ever, like West Ham they were Given a new stadium but then won the lotto and spent their way to the top...people now talk about their mental strength as if it was truly forged from the rocks of granite casually forgetting to mention the amount of money they have spent.

In all the years the premiership has been Liverpool as of yet haven't won it. I really do feel Tottenham get a hard deal at times.