Giovani Lo Celso keen on move to Tottenham this summer


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Mar 18, 2005
So it is pretty standard for players not to talk about moving to another club.
It does not show Erriksen in a good light as he has not stopped talking about quitting spurs and me for one hopes he gets his wish.
It's a strange one. Some countries see it as normal to discuss your plans and can be seen as ambitious if a player says he wants to play for an elite club.

I remember Chiriches talking about a desire to play for Chelsea. This was seen as very disrespectful to want to join a rival.

Eriksen said years ago he wanted to play for a good club and develop the best he could and in his prime hopefully be good enough to play for an elite. He is now trying to make this happen. I don't see anything bad in this.

To say he has not stopped talking about quitting Spurs is simply not true. He still talks very highly of us and in his Danish interview about wanting to join an elite club he said if the offer does not come in he will discuss a new contract with us.


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Oct 17, 2006
Have we ever made a bid for a player, had it turned down then gone back with a higher bid?

Honest question. Really can't remember if we have or not.
Sissoko :cautious:

Think the original offer was about 15 million but offer went up because of Everton's late interest and bid being matched


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Jul 21, 2003
Transferred for €25m last season.
€40m our opening bid this season.
Nowt wrong with that IMHO.