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Jan 22, 2019
If Veliz is good and Orban kicks on what's to say that we wouldn't sell Richi and Kane goes on a free. We've moaned for a 6 or 7 years about only having 1 forward. Now people moaning about having too many. Veliz and Orban are both very young. So spending 40m on the pair if only one makes it still saved a fortune. If both make it you are laughing. Do none of you remember when we had Keane berbatov defoe bent. Then Keane defoe crouch and super Pav. Now we are moaning about signing youngsters with potential. Finally seeing some succession planning. Can't make it up. Yet in two other threads people moaning we didn't Eze when he was 15m and or Maddison from Coventry back in the day. Make it make sense people


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Jan 27, 2007
I can’t see us getting this guy, it’s too good of a move for us, yes he’s only scoring goals in a poor league, but so was haaland before Dortmund. Can see him going there.


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Sep 14, 2020
Lad just has a nose for goals and all the technical ability in the world cannot replace that

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Aug 31, 2012
I don’t see how we have 4 strikers, Son is a winger who can fill in as Striker? Surely the new Argentinian will be loaned out and so will Scarlett.

Maybe I’m wrong but I still think buying this guy is a must even if we loan him out!
Kane, Richy, Veliz and Orban would make 4. I wasn’t even counting Scarlett or Son. So far there hasn’t been any mention of Veliz getting loaned out, if he did then I can see more argument for bringing Orban in but even so I’m not convinced it’s a player we desperately need and also in order to reach his full potential he will need to be playing regularly.

@Timberwolf mentions above he could turn out to be like Kvara and that might well be true but would Kvara have turned into the player he is now if he wasn’t playing week in week out. I’m not so sure. I would love to see what Gil would be like if he was given the minutes, backing and faith Kvara has for example. Fact is at the age Orban is now he needs regular football not the odd 25 mins here and there.

So we loan out Orban if we get him. If Kane stays then that is the only thing that makes sense to me if we were to buy him and there certainly is a lot of sense there, I get it. Look, if we have a spare €30 mil to buy him and it won’t effect the rest of our business then sure, let’s get him 100%. That’s what Chelsea and numerous other top clubs have been doing for a long while and I’m sure we have the money and we certainly have the FFP space but I’m not convinced we have the owners. If it’s a case of that €30 mil is the difference between getting a second top quality CB for example then I’m less enthusiastic about the idea. Yes that might mean we miss out on a wonderkid who might one day turn into a star but right now we still need to put ourselves in the best possible position to compete this season.

Again, as I said on my original post, this is all under the assumption if Kane stays, if he leaves then that is a different discussion. But I just think as it is if this link didn’t exist (and let’s face it most fans hadn’t heard of him two weeks ago and likely haven’t seen a full 90 mins of him) and you asked most people what are our priority positions for strengthening I think most would put CF pretty far down the list.

Essentially If we are in a position to buy and loan a €30 mil players and it not affect our other business then I agree with you and everyone who wants him. I just don’t believing that would be the case.