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May 7, 2006
Still a free agent, bizarrely.
Bizarre. There must be a club out there after a decent keeper with shit distribution. Just one club. Be nuts to see him having to go to Saudi or Chyna whilst still relatively young for a keeper.


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Jun 8, 2004
I'm really surprised we've not seen United make a statement signing, half expected them to pull out at least one "big" player. I mean, I guess it's not over yet but, so far, I'd be pretty anxious as a fan of a team that's traditionally trading transfer blows with City, Bayern and Madrid.

I suppose, if the club is about to change hands, then big injections of cash would be hugely unlikely, but it's almost as if they're trying to do the absolute bare minimum.
Looks like there in shit with the glaziers not selling up. When your statement signing is Mason Mount you know it's gonna be a bad year


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Jan 16, 2022
Getafe signing Greenwood, will be rooting for their opposition every game.

Meanwhile in Lyngby, Denmark...
22. September 2023.

The match between Lyngby Boldklub and Vejle Boldklub ended without a winner, as it ended 1-1 on Friday evening in the ninth round of the Super League in a match where Gylfi Sigurdsson made his debut for Lyngby.