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Well-Known Member
Mar 3, 2008
A lot of overreaction here. Brand new manager who had a shortened preseason of fixtures and large squad that he is still familiarizing himself and putting trust with. He needs to see some of these players in pressure situations of games that matter and would rather he do wholesale changes here as opposed to not playing our best 11 in the league.

Some of this is just luck of the draw as we had the hardest fixture getting a PL team away in our opening round. Most managers would have the luxury of more preseason games and a couple of weak opponents in this Cup to get a better grasp on their team.


Well-Known Member
Jan 12, 2021
Its the cowards who have much better ball striking abilities than Sanchez that didn't step up is the real disgrace.

Not Sanchez.
Certainly not Sanchez' fault either way, if it's up to the players or the manager. Fair play to him if he stood up to take the responsibility. If he didn't, and it was up to the manager, I don't think it should've been given to him.


This is the place to be
May 7, 2004
Too many key players out in Romero, Bissouma, Bentancur and Maddison. We really do rely so much on them. The whole flow is off without them. Its just another tragic display with many changes. I don't really agree with it but I think Ange had to learn from it tonight. We shouldn't really make that many changes without Europe though. Just keep working on the core group and drill that system. Hopefully next season we can start to rotate a lot better if we're in Europe.


Your least favourite poster
Jan 5, 2013
Let the pant wetting commence. Seriously worried about a lot of people in here.
This is such a boring trope. People want to see this club win a trophy again. With no European football this season, this was the best shot we’ve had in years. People have every right to be reasonably upset without being called things like “bed wetters and “pant wetters”


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May 22, 2013
Let the pant wetting commence. Seriously worried about a lot of people in here.

People get too hyped and believe we won’t lose a game. They forget that this is the first season in a major rebuild and it’s Ange’s first season managing at the highest level. I don’t blame him for wanting to see what our second string are like in a competitive match though, needed to be done. I think we’ll be very strong in the league this year anyway.


Pretty fly for a Tanguy
Jan 12, 2006
Some serious overreactions on here. Our second team drew away to Fulham, it’s obviously disappointing to go out of a cup but hardly catastrophic.

We’ve got a very real chance of doing something in the league, so we focus on that for the next few months.


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Jul 27, 2008
It’s not about pant wetting. It’s about questioning the decisions made tonight by the manager. We have no European football this season so there was no excuse not to play a very strong team tonight and it’s only 3 games into the season so they’re hardly running in empty are they
It's not about pant wetting he says as he stands there in a slowly forming puddle of piss


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Jun 14, 2012
Another season where we get knocked out with Davies and Sanchez in the team.

Really poor from Ange tonight too


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Jul 29, 2011
And?? Who changes 9 players against a prem opponent?
Someone who wants to assess the whole squad. He now totally knows what he’s got to play with an a pressure game.

We know we need a total reset and you’re losing your shit at our what? 3rd or 4th competitive game?

Get behind the manager and support?


"I'm no optimist I'm just a prisoner of hope
Jan 23, 2006
This was not about prioritising the Premier league this was about changes to try out the players and see how they work out and for the coach to learn about his players.
I imagine he had it in mind all the time it's just a shame we got Premier league opposition to make it harder.


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Dec 27, 2004
Well only positive is ange has learnt his lesson and will go full strength in the FA cup


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Aug 21, 2011
What it needed was Bissouma and Maddison to come on around 60 minutes today, getting another 30 minutes wasn't going to wreck them for the weekend. We'd have probably rolled them in the ninety if we'd done that.

You can make a mistake with the starting XI but the needed correction was quite clear.


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Jun 23, 2004
Why are some blaming Ange, he needs 25 decent players not fucking 11. This is on the club/Enic/Levy. This is not on Ange.
No doubt when we get a few decent results again then some will say keep Sanchez, Hojbjerg, Skipp as they are decent backups.
Wake up, smell the coffee, and stop pretending everything is alright.


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Jun 2, 2005
I’m really fucking pissed off with that. I know it’s only the EFL cup but with no Europe this season was desperate for a decent cup run.

We can’t win the PL or CL and don’t ever take the other cups seriously, so finding myself thinking (once again), what’s the point?

3 points a must Saturday now, no excuses.


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Aug 13, 2023
Why are ppl potting Sanchez for his penalty? At least it was on target. Penalty shootouts are always a 50/50 thing.

Forster was just too old, too slow and his reflexes weren't sharp enough. There was always a strong chance we'd miss one before they did.


SC Supporter
Mar 18, 2005
Disappointing to go out. I'd have preferred a few changes but mostly a strong lineup.

Hopefully Ange has learnt a bit about a few players tonight. We have even less need for a big squad this season now.

I know people were enthused by PEH's performance at the weekend but I still maintain that if we get a suitable offers, him among others should be moved on.

Oh Teddy Teddy

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Aug 10, 2017
Ange have had a good start, but this was a complete nosedive, this is on him and not Dav.

Disagree with this. He put his faith in players he doesn’t know immensely well. He’s seen enough in training to trust them to play what he’s coaching them, and they went to shit.

He was naive to try it, but that performance is on the players.


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Jun 2, 2019
Lol at all the people acting like it isn't common practice to rotate the squad for cup games.
You can not rotate 9 players!! You need to rotate 2 max 3 to actually make those second string players better. Putting everyone out the same time is just setting them up for failure!!

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