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Fraizer Campbell (on LOAN)

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Apr 23, 2006
Oh and Boofuckinghoo? You really are a little cock.

I know this was not directed at me, but speaking as someone who has seen Peckhart play a few times for our youth team and reserves, i'd say that although he is not necessarilly ready for the premiership, he definitely has promise.

I'd rather be supporting a Spurs player. Maybe yo want us to be Man United's youth development department, as well as their feeder club? :clap: What a supporter

We're MUFC's 'bitch-club'.


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Feb 1, 2005
Crikey. He's our 4th choice striker. He'll be lucky to play 10-15 times. Everything I've seen and heard (admittedly limited) points to him being really rather good.

Besides which, We'll have Huntelaar, Arshavin or similar to replace him in January and he'll become 5th choice.

Never let it be said I wish to stifle debate on here, but in a summer where we've signed many of the world's most exciting talents, sold our two goalscorers and 'box office' players and have a total reshuffle of personnel, system, formation and approach to our football, is the identity of our reserve team's striker (and possibly, just possibly, the 7th name on our subs bench) really this wrist-slittingly critical?


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Nov 2, 2004
Consider this! He's our 4th choice striker. He cost fuck all. I doubt he's on film star wages. How much did we pay for last seasons 4th choice striker? £16m? Give the kid a chance. If he comes good we'll keep him even if he costs £7-8m. He might be worth it. If he's shit we can send him back to manure in january when we get the chance to sign a more accomplished player. Under a loan agreement we can send him back now, if he breaks his leg playing for england under 21's we can just send him back. If Berbatov gets injured licking himself in Bulgaria we still get £30.75m off Utd.


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Jan 17, 2013
We're really not. Pointless overreaction of bump.
I think we are , sold our star striker and seemingly failed to replace him with another player anywhere near his level.

Super Pav, Bent and Frazer Campbell
Sonny, Richarlison and Scarlett

as things stand of course hope I’m proved wrong and we pull a rabbit out the hat today.
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