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Up From Dover

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Jan 31, 2017
Yep, definite green shoots. Really impressed with Ndombele; he adds much needed drive and intent to our MF, with good end product. GLC an obvious plus, but the form of Kane, Son, and Dele also very encouraging. Defensively we’re far more suspect, and I’m concerned at how little Sanchez has developed given the potential he showed early on.

Would also like to see Lucas involved a bit more please Poch
I agree with you about Lucas but with GLC, Son & Dele (and Lamela when he's fit) it's hard to see him getting in.


SC Supporter
Aug 13, 2008
Do people not realise the home record of Red Star? They very rarely concede or lose in Europe at home. Even the eventual winners lost there a year ago to the day without scoring. So, for a team who hasn't won away in any competition since May at Ajax and one seriously struggling for confidence, to do so in what is famously a very hostile environment is very positive. Say what you want about their quality on the day, but we smashed them in their backyard regardless as a clinical side should. You only beat who is in front of you and let's be honest, we haven't really been beating anyone anyway so any win will do at the moment.
They hadn't conceded more than one goal at home in 72 games before ours, so we have a right to feel proud.


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Jul 7, 2012
I hear what you're saying and I'm happy to take any positives I can get at the moment but I thought Red Star were (ironically) scared of getting another smashing and so sat back and let us have the ball. This then gave us confidence to play and have a go at them - it also helped that when they did get through on our goal they fluffed their lines. they could easily have had two that I can recall of the top of my head.

I'm very pleased with some of what Ndombele offers and Lo Celso was clearly a highlight but we very much look a work in progress. This is of course a significant step up from where we've been the last few weeks!
Positive sign in that case as we don't normally do well against bus parkers do we?