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May 28, 2013
Dear SC,

This is an open letter to the owners of this fantastic website.

In the recent past, I have seen messages where you have mentioned server costs are £400 per month, and that you are really trying hard for donations so that you can keep this excellent website alive.

As a massive Spurs fan, I am offering to match this, as a long term commitment.

About me….I run a reasonably sized firm of accountants and tax advisors in Essex, with our clients being local, national and international. I am also a massive Spurs fan, almost to the point of obsession! The first game I watched was a 0-0 draw which should have put me off for life, but watching Lineker and Gazza in the flesh, in the old East Stand, somehow hooked me for life. Even if a quarter of the pitch view was blocked by that massive pole!

Taking a step backwards, my first house as a baby was in Pine Close in Cheshunt, which my Dad convinced my Mum was a great investment, and of course, absolutely nothing to do with the fact it backed on to the old training ground, years before it was all developed around Brookfield. I apparently was wheeled around there as a baby! Growing up, I was continually immersed in Spurs. I was often in Cuffley at primary age, as the football club there hosted “Cliff Jones’ Soccer School” and I have fond memories of being presented with a trophy by Darren Anderson; happy days. Not for him, he was probably injured. As a young Cheshunt boy, my dad was friends with someone who worked at Spurs called Len (I still have no idea who this was, maybe someone who worked at spurs in the 80s and early 90s can enlighten me!) and Len used to regularly get us free tickets to watch Spurs. In my teens, I was a season ticket holder for a few years during the Ginola era, but then, I had a family life and have had to settle long term with a membership and just the occasional visits. Still, our daughter is a huge Spurs fan too, so the baton has been nicely passed on!

At present, my accountancy and tax advisory firm has a niche, and that niche is in a bit of trouble. I am therefore on a mission to find a new niche. But what? And where should I advertise? In fairness, we all do the same thing ultimately, (but of course we are the best advisors out there😀 and everything is done in-house; this is my family baby; nothing we do is outsourced unlike most accountants nowadays who unbeknown to you unscrupulously bury outsourcing to India etc in their extensive terms and conditions to save money, and profit from you….) and so the question is, what type of clients would I like to work with, who would I enjoy to work with and advise? Who do I enjoy speaking to the most, spending my time with the most, who do I engage with the most? Well, that answer is naturally my fellow spurs fans. I have quite a hefty number of clients who are Spurs fans, and it is a brilliant feeling knowing we can provide them with excellent tax advice and accountancy services, whilst also knowing we can have a great chat at the end of the engagement about all things Spurs! It’s something different, a personal touch, something I am passionate about. Almost akin to when a career advisor tells you that you will excel best in a job you enjoy; I feel that extends to you providing the best service to those you enjoy working with.

I am therefore making an open offer of a form of partnership. We could “sponsor” the site, by way of meeting the £400 a month server costs. In return, we could have a banner or similar on this website. I am a very keen writer, and can provide proof of being personally featured a lot throughout the national press. I am very happy and offering to sporadically write features that might feature tax tips, in combination with including my latest opinions on Spurs. No intrusive pop ups, no begging, just good content and a little bit of recognition in return. Content is always key, no one wants a horrible advert ruining the experience. SC win, as their costs are covered and the donations can be put to much better use, on improving the site, rather than covering its costs, and we can perhaps on the flip side, start working long term with, and advising fellow long time Spurs fans. It could be a win-win situation all round.

As a website known partially for it’s ITK, there are some interesting correlations here where we can “dov”etail. Of course, you need the strength of “Hercules” to deal with the HMRC “Dragon,” especially as they know all the “Trix” of the trade. It’s important to always act with full disclosure as HMRC always know “what lies beneath.” With the right advisors behind you, life will be a “Breeze”(r) and you can be happy that your money is taken care of as best it can, whilst you focus on important matters like J”jetset”ting around the globe to watch the mighty Spurs, well, once we have the “Ben”efits of being back in Europe anyway. (Sorry H88, nothing I could really pun with you!)

Anyway, please be under no illusions, this is a very serious offer. If you are happy to discuss further, just send me a private message. I am always happy to speak or to meet, just let me know. And if you are in any doubt, I am happy to be scrutinised and quizzed on my Spurs credentials….I could go on Mastermind with Spurs 😂

In the meantime, let’s all stay positive and believe SC. Ange is getting us playing positive football at long last; we will hopefully strengthen our defence before the transfer window ends, thank goodness, hopefully, and bizarre occurrences are happening like Lo Celso coming back into the fold, maybe! We have just beaten Manchester United, whilst playing exciting football. Sarr and Bissouma are, cliches aside, like new signings breathing new life into us. We have the likes of Mikey coming through the youth, and who knows if we might have the next star on our books. The future could well be bright in more ways than one 😀
What a lovely, positive post.