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Match Threads Bournemouth Vs Spurs

Oct 29, 2022
KO Time
Bournemouth 2-3 Spurs
Sessegnon (57) Davies (73) Bentancur (90)
Moore (22, 50)

Match Prediction

  • Spurs Win

    Votes: 57 61.3%
  • Bournemouth Win

    Votes: 19 20.4%
  • Score Draw

    Votes: 15 16.1%
  • Goalless Draw

    Votes: 2 2.2%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
Sep 25, 2011
Well despite the defensive lineup we been very progress. Skipp is up supporting the front 2 and the WBs are playing high up the field. Unfortunately Bournemouth have defended deep and very well helped by some poor, often over hit final balls from us.
Bournemouth have basically out Conted Conte. They set up exactly as we did sat back drew us onto them and hit us on the break. Their goal was a good example of how efficient he expects our attack to be on the counter attack.


Well-Known Member
Jan 24, 2016
Do you remember when we used to play football? I miss it.

Am at the point where I think we could give Conte £300m worth of talent and he's still pick 9 defenders and coach them into the ground.

Conte's intransigence is one of the many reasons that his time at clubs is so short. Players get very frustrated playing the Conte way. There's no room for creativity, spontaneity and flexibility.

Conteball might be totally natural to the Italian footballing public but over here... I am bored. Very, very bored. And getting boreder. Something needs to change because this is painful.


Well-Known Member
Aug 6, 2004
Conte MUST become more adaptable if we are to have any success. If your ideas and preferred players doesn't work, change them for goodness sake.
Maybe true but honestly the players effort until they get a bollocking is shameful, defensive minded is fine when it's aggressive with a lot of energy applied it does not.mean.sitting marking space waiting to.act. the players are.to blame conte and mourinho.arent shit let's be honest.


Well-Known Member
Jul 29, 2005
However far behind our squad is from competing we should be able to do better against the likes of Bournemouth


Good bloke, thorough professional.
May 15, 2008

(I don’t condone booing at the stadium)
Initially agreed until your sub comment. Shouldnt make a difference where the booing happens. If its warranted its warranted. The results at the moment and frankly lack of effort and passion from the players is taking the real right piss. On top of that charging 80 odd quid at home (when were at home) for it too. How else are the fans supposed to voice their opinion. Im all for it. BOOOOOO.


I'm SUPER cereal.
Nov 18, 2007
Gil and Lucas on for Bissouma and Emerson in the second half and get at them.

I'd rather go for it and lose 3-0 than play like that half again and lose 1-0.


Jun 8, 2018
Midfield is actually atrocious its basically jsut full of mobile defenders, no spark or creativity in there whatsoever, wheres the link from midfield to attack? We've got nothing. Just set up to play with Kane in CAM, Son up top with Richy when hes back


David Ginola
Oct 25, 2004
What’s changed from last season to this season?! I just don’t get it.
Not a lot. Conte's "tactics" are very one dimensional. Once you work it out or our players are having an off day, or we are playing a decent side, or we are away from home, or we get a couple of injuries, or we rest players, it's pretty easy to stop us.

I would out him tomorrow if it were up to me. This style will not win us anything. We need a progressive manager that plays modern, attacking football.

I've listened to nonsense on here all year telling me about conte is a winner, I'm learning to appreciate good defending, it's all about winning etc

We are spurs, we love our club despite not winning much, we love our club because we have a certain tradition, a swagger! We cannot sell our souls for the hope of wining the league cup, which we won't win anyway!


Patient Zero
Jun 13, 2008
Last 5-10 mins of the half we've started to huff and puff with a bit of intent in and around their penalty area and exert constant pressure... For the most part though another lower league dross style performance, and so well on the way to another lower league dross style result.

Team just looks like it's falling apart at the moment. Collectively continues to looks out of ideas (as it has done most of the season) and defence has started leaking like a sieve, individually virtually every player well off it. That results would tail off would be inevitable, and someone needs to get a fucking grip and they need to stand up and be counted.

Big 45 mins here, need to arrest the negative momentum.

Deleted member 27855

I want players who have been here a while to get subbed off. A message needs to be sent to these players that are far too comfortable here that this lack of effort isn't acceptable. Get Davies and Emerson the fuck off and let them know it will be a while till they see the pitch again.


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Jan 16, 2012
Imagine "forfeiting" a match against the cherries with their reserve GK. Our second string should be to much for them. What's worse is this is more or less our nornal eleven minus Dier, Bentacur and Romero.

We are a joke


Well-Known Member
Feb 25, 2007
Royal gets a lot of stick, but he's a lot better the sessengon. How anyone thinks Sessemgon is good is completely beyond me. We are absolutely toothless down the flanks, neither can cross, neither can take a man on, neither can shoot. So fed up of watching this shite week in week out, we have 2 players on the pitch who know how to score or create. Pathetic recruitment in the summer, pathetic management from Conte.

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