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The ghost of Johnny Cash
Aug 5, 2006
Just a bummer that Chelsea game in November happened the way it did.

Just a disaster to lose VdV, Romero and Maddison right at that point in the season, lose Bentancur again 2 games later and then with Son Biss and Sarr missing all January.

With the squad we decided to role with, we needed Arsenal’s injury luck and it just didn’t happen. We never got the mojo back.

sucks because Chelsea, Man Utd and Newcastle aren’t going to stink this much going forward.

but again, you tell me in August what our injury record is going to be and that we finish 5th and Arsenal don’t win anything and I probably bite your hand off.

let’s do some real work on the squad this summer and push on.
I agree with what you're saying in general, but every season there can be that feeling that other teams are all going to improve, and it never plays out that way. A couple of teams might make strides forwards, but other teams will make steps backwards. Even if those three teams all become amazing, they still have to play each other (plus City, Arsenal, Liverpool) so it's not like there will be 8 teams scoring more than 70 points next season.

All we can really do is focus on ourselves - work on the squad this summer as you say, and make improvements where we can. I'm really hoping that Ange is able to stamp more of his own mentality on the squad as much as anything to start breeding that "win at all costs" attitude.

That Chelsea game was mad, but I guess there's always a chance of a crazy game like that, or even just a mad spell of injuries regardless. Personally, I was more disappointed by the results against Wolves, West Ham and Villa at home, then Everton, Fulham and Newcastle away. Those games felt like they saw points missed purely because of our attitude. I would love to see Ange make steps to solve that.


Well-Known Member
Jan 27, 2011
I know the last month or so has been a major downer, along with the divide created by the City game. But if you offered me 5th and one win from 4th when we kicked off at Brentford I would have snapped your arm off.

I just hope we take Europa seriously enough and when we use squad/youth players it's one or two and not the whole XI. Looking forward to the summer and next season (same vibes for Crawley too).