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  1. wizgell

    Tottenham Food Bank

    15k so far from these donations!!!
  2. wizgell

    Tottenham Food Bank

    We are now up to £10,000 since the campaign was launched!!!
  3. wizgell

    Spurs could cut short Fernandes’ loan spell and send him back to Parent Club

    In all seriousness what have you seen that puts him above Winks and Sissoko?
  4. wizgell

    Team v LASK

    ----------------Hart---------------- Doherty Tanganga Sanchez Davies ------------Winks Lo Celso---------- Lucas----------- Dele ------Bale ----------------Vinicius--------------
  5. wizgell

    Tottenham Food Bank

    £3,634.94 Donated in two days so far by Spurs fans! Incredible!!! Thank you.
  6. wizgell

    Rose snubbed Watford on deadline day

    Real shame to see it going this way but the only option left now is to pay him off and get it over and done with.
  7. wizgell

    Tottenham Food Bank

    As some of you know, I was responsible for opening Tottenham Food Bank a year ago at the old Tottenham Town Hall. It's been an incredible first year, with huge support from our community including you guys, the club and the Supporters Trust- all of which as a Spurs fan make me incredibly proud...
  8. wizgell

    Stadium handed approval for another increase in capacity

    Bloody hell, I used to get vertigo in my seat at the very back of the South Stand... can't even imagine that!
  9. wizgell

    How much would you pay for a Spurs 'TV season ticket'?

    For me I probably wouldn't buy one. I gave up my actual Season Ticket this season, mainly due to finances as well as a disconnect with the club, so would be reluctant to stump anything up after 15 years of paying over the odds. A game by game option may be more appealing rather than a lump sum.
  10. wizgell

    Tottenham 2020/21 Uefa Europa & Premier League Squad

    Complete waste of money that deal. Can't see how our new managers first signing has gone from being a big promise to not even getting into our squad. Since I first saw him play I've long been suspicious of the deal as it includes our new go to man and Mourinhos mate Mendes on all fronts again...
  11. wizgell

    Tottenham 2020/21 Uefa Europa & Premier League Squad

    So if CCV leaves as expected what does that do to our home grown quota in Europe?
  12. wizgell

    Tottenham offered Eriksen in potential deadline-day sensation

    3 weeks ago I would probably say what have we got to lose... but now looking at our midfield and attacking options I think that ship has sailed, unless Inter foot his entire wage bill and pay up the remaining fees they owe us
  13. wizgell

    Spurs sign a couple of players for U23’s

    Absolutely and with a large chunk going out on loan it presents chances to do just that.
  14. wizgell

    Spurs sign a couple of players for U23’s

    Signing players for the u23 to bolster numbers as most of the decent ones will go out on loan i suspect
  15. wizgell

    Lyon interested in Aurier but player not sold on switch

    I don't see why we can't keep him. I know he has had his issues but I think having him and Doherty to rotate gives us a huge advantage across the different competitions. He's a good player on his day and maybe a bit of competition and watching Tanguy turn things around further up the pitch may...
  16. wizgell

    Team v Haifa

    -----------------Hart-------------------- --Doherty-- Toby-- Sanchez --Davies-- -------------Winks-- Lo Celso-------- Lucas ------------Dele-------- Bergwijn ------------------Kane-------------------
  17. wizgell

    Match Threads Spurs vs Chelsea - Match Thread - Carabao Cup - Round 4

    More I think about it the more I think we are going to get absolutely smacked. Missed a gym session today due to a meeting which overrun, think 8PM could be a good time to go to the gym today.
  18. wizgell

    Match Threads Spurs vs Chelsea - Match Thread - Carabao Cup - Round 4

    Nothing worse than going into a derby in a cup knowing that the squad are in such a predicament that the public message coming out of the club is 'we are simply going to turn up and wait for the final whistle' As if football wasn't bad enough already!
  19. wizgell

    Mourinho suggests Dele should follow Ndombele's example

    I really want Dele to succeed at Spurs, because quite frankly the hype of him being one of the best of his generation isn't false. However, the Amazon documentary has given an insight into the way he has been treated and you can't help but feel sorry for the lad and assume he is probably...