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    AC Milan banned from Europa League

    Source: BBC Kick Out for breaking FFP rules between 2015 and 2017 but I'm sure I read an article saying they are taking this ban to avoid a longer banned due to there current spending levels and it postpones the accounting period that needs to be...
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    Anton Walkes Released

    it looks like we have released anton walkes, was he any good?
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    Nike go for Chelski with £900m deal

    £900m over 15 years to be shirt sponsor. we probably need to start looking again at who makes our kit!
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    Sunderland's Adam Johnson admits child sex charge

    Source BBC - Sunderland footballer Adam Johnson has pleaded guilty to one count of sexual activity with a child, but denied two other charges.
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    Ade has gone

    The BBC are reporting we have released him.
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    Arsenal have been charged by the FA over over the transfer of Calum Chambers from Southampton.

    The BBC are reporting that Arsenal have been charged by the FA for breaking agent regulation. If they break the regulation wouldn't that void the transfer and in turn give them a bigger headache regarding fielding an ineligible player? 3-0 walk...
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    Comparision Against Last Year

    I know one of the SC statos was keeping track of how we doing game by game last year compared to the previous season. Has anyone kept track of how we are doing this year compared to last year?
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    One to make you chuckle

    This has probably done the rounds but posting just in case it hasn't. Arsenal fan's innocent Instagram post accidentally becomes the funniest thing on the internet
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    Uefa Fine (11k)

    It's looks like we have gotten off lightly with an 11k fine for the pitch invasions.
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    Dodging Testimonials

    With Dawson gone and the latest ITK suggesting Lennon is being allowed to leave, could this be a pre planned way of dodging testimonials (Dawson was 6 months away from getting one and lennon is 12 months away) Testimonials are special but it looks like the are wanting to reserve ledley's over...
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    Is Eric Dier the New Ginger Pele?

    Not that is he's completely crap in defence, but that he can also play upfront? I have rewatched the highlights and still can't understand why he was still so far up the pitch when we had lost the ball. It's useful to have a standing striker on the pitch if our back are against the wall and...
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    Arsenal lose High Court battle over concert limit

    Arsenal Football Club have lost a High Court challenge over the number of concerts that they can hold at Emirates Stadium. The Premier League side had applied to double the number of music concerts held at the stadium in Holloway, north London, from three to six. Source: BBC...
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    Stadium to be 71k.

    I came across this article which makes interesting reading. It would answer why we have employed a different architect for the internals of the stadium.
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    Marca Repoting Bale's is crocked

    Looks like Real Madrid are getting a taste of their own medicine with Marca reporting that Bales back is crocked and could require surgery. If this is true, levy has levy'd them again by selling them a crocked bale for a world record
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    Where in the world is baldini?

    All the talk is baldini has gone off the grid and no one (ie media, spotters etc) knows where he, this and the clam down on ITK is reminiscent of when we signed Paulinho. If it is the same another big signing my be in the offing, the papers are reporting ibrahimovic is open to leaving PSG, you...
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    Christopher Samba: QPR agree £12m fee with Anzhi for defender

    Source: BBC Its bizarre that samba has gone back after he was quoted as hating it there, sure the 100K a week changed his mind. It just seems like a really dodge deal has taken place. Why would someone pay 12m for samba twice??
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    Where did the 1229 supporters go?

    The BBC have just published the highest and lowest attendances of EPL Teams. The difference between our highest and lowest attendance is 1229 and puts use 6th behind this lot Club 2012-13 average 2011-12 average Highest attendance 2012-13...
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    Signing a Player Twice?

    I know its unusual but as we have just done this will holtby (first a pre contract and the second by brining him in early) but when was the last time spurs singed a player twice in the same window?
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    Texas (Dallas) Spurs

    Does anyone know if there is a spurs pub or bar showing the game next weekend in dallas texas? I'm visiting here for the week.
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    Ledley offered new deal

    POTL has said in the ITK forum ledley has been offered a new deal, i do hope its for coaching and not playing!! The guy is a legend but enough is enough we need a settle back 4 and we wont be able to have that with king in and out of the squad. It has to be him or gallas and gallas's fitness...