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  1. wizgell

    Tottenham Food Bank

    As some of you know, I was responsible for opening Tottenham Food Bank a year ago at the old Tottenham Town Hall. It's been an incredible first year, with huge support from our community including you guys, the club and the Supporters Trust- all of which as a Spurs fan make me incredibly proud...
  2. wizgell

    Now TV

    The head v heart dilemma rages on today. Does anyone know if Spurs intend on issuing the NowTV passes until the end of the season? Don't want to watch tonight, but I do and as I don't have Sky its NOWTV or nothing, but then also don't want to waste it on tonight if the NLD doesn't come with a...
  3. wizgell

    Just met Jan Vertonghen

    As some of you know, I was recently involved in the set up of the new Tottenham Foodbank at the old Tottenham Town Hall. Today we had a van load of food arrive from the training ground and this guy was in the passenger seat to help us unload, they also had the Amazon crew in tow. Working in...
  4. wizgell

    Tottenham Foodbank Matchday Collection- THFC v Palace

    I am working on opening the new Tottenham Foodbank at the former Tottenham Town Hall, a hugely important building in the history of our great club. On the day of Spurs v Crystal Palace we will be holding a Food Donation Drive outside the Town Hall. We are calling on all in attendance at the...
  5. wizgell

    Feedback Collection

    I may well be wrong, but I can't seem to find a vehicle for providing feedback to the club on the stadium from Test Events. Heard a few people having issues with staff not knowing where internal disabled friendly access points were and things like that. Whilst, usually I don't even entertain...
  6. wizgell

    Downgrading from ST to Membership

    I've seen something mentioned online previously but I can't seem to find it. I will be giving up my Season Ticket at the end of the season, after 16 years but want to downgrade to a membership. Do the club offer the option to do that in the closed season, enabling me to keep my loyalty points...
  7. wizgell

    Poch says he's staying put

    Today was the Spanish launch of his book in Barcelona with Poch and Guillem Balague.... transcript is in the link. But basically he says he is happy with his contract, he is excited to get back to London and get going in the new stadium etc etc...
  8. wizgell

    Stadium Webcams

    I quite enjoy checking the webcams on a regular basis to see if there's been any obvious developments going on, however some of the cams are now in locations where you can't see anything. For example the ones on the roof. Has there been any mention of moving them to see additional areas as it...
  9. wizgell

    Ledley King

    My first post in YEARS!! I manage a charity that supports Tottenham residents living in hardship and one of the activities we run is a free meal at The Antwerp Arms pub- a stones throw from the ground. Punjabi Spurs and Yorkshire Spurs were absolute heroes this week and offered to cook the food...
  10. wizgell

    Pre-Season Tours (from my blog)

    I recently started a new blog (which can be found on Twitter @IntheMixerBlog or on Facebook under the page name Earl.E.Daws!/pages/Earl-E-Daws/475443439199521, please Follow and Like :) ) Here is my latest offering
  11. wizgell

    Premier League Foreign Import XI

    Thought I'd share my latest blog from!import-xi/c170j as it has proven to be a real good debating point as people share their own selections.
  12. wizgell

    Iconic Spurs Moment- Special to you

    I've been sat on YouTube watching Spurs compilations and it got me thinking, we all have iconic Spurs Moment's that as soon as you mention them they create an instant mental image for you and every other Spurs fan around the World. Would be interesting to see how varied they are depending on...
  13. wizgell

    Coaching in England- My attempt at explaining the downfalls

    Last year I wrote my dissertation on the Coaching Structure in the UK, and with everyone discussing such an issue at the minute with the England U21's etc I have tried to dilute it into a blog. It's a bit too long to post on here but I would love it if you guys gave it a read and maybe shared it...
  14. wizgell

    What's happened to our once great support?

    This has been a real sore point for me this season and apologies if this turns into a rant but the crowd at the Lane this season have been terrible. I'm a ST holder in the Park Lane Lower and the atmosphere most of the time has been awful. There seems to be a sense of entitlement amongst some...
  15. wizgell

    So I got interviewed yesterday...

    There I was minding my own business at work, feeling ill and hoping to be sent home early when a fella from Liga rocks up and asks if he can interview me. Just thought I'd share it with you all, I'm the one looking rough in the apron :)
  16. wizgell

    The current Ajax Coaching staff I just came across this article (albeit Gooner related) and was stunned at the current line up on the Ajax Coaching staff. Frank De Boer is the current head coach and...
  17. wizgell

    Tom Bender

    Tom Bender who is currently on loan at Accrington Stanley from Colchester has suffered a suspected broken neck in tonights JPT game against Tranmere. The game had to be abandoned and he was treated on the pitch for about half an hour. He was stretchered off and put on a drip. He is only...
  18. wizgell

    Are we an easy target or is there a bigger agenda?

    I was having a conversation earlier about the constant Spurs stories in the papers that have already been generated so far this 'summer'. We've read stories of Gomes, Bale, Lennon, Defoe, VdV and Modric all leaving or wanting to leave or in the supposed case of Bale 'threatening to leave...
  19. wizgell

    What's Crouch up to?

    I follow Chris Kamara on Twitter and he has been recording a basketball match for Soccer AM against the Harlem Globetrotters. Apparently Crouchy was supposed to be involved but pulled out last minute due to something more important. Even Kammy has been fishing to find out what is was? Any ideas?