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    What the pundits & media are saying about us

    Bloody Barry Glendenning giving us grief on the Guardian Football Podcast, which is a show I usually enjoy. He was rambling on about the fact that he couldn't understand why we were considered part of the Big Six when we 'have only won one trophy in 40 years'. What a cad.
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    He was also interviewed by David Ornstein for his podcast and the questions were a mix of the bizarre and the sycophantic. At one point he asked Wenger if he had cried since he left Arsenal? For the record I do have a lot of time for Wenger.
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    Premier League 2020/21

    Not gonna lie...Sol Campbell annoys me. 😀
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    This is brilliant!

    Love Aurier’s hair. 😀
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    Player Watch: Gareth Bale

    The boy has basketball skills..
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    Memory Lane

    That's a great watch. If you look, around the 3 minutes 10 second point, there is a woman, presumably Erik's wife, shearing the hedge in her bikini. (y)
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    What the pundits & media are saying about us

    I was just listening to the latest Tifo Podcast which was focused on Tottenham and Man Utd, mostly the latter to be honest. Its a good show and they know their stuff but the presenter Joe Devine has a really really annoying way of talking. Really unnatural and condescending. Seb Stafford-Bloor...
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    Player Watch Pierre-Emile Højbjerg - Player Watch

    That picture says so much and makes me feel very optimistic for the future of this team.
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    What the pundits & media are saying about us

    Good one from David Squires this week..especially the cockney rhyming slang :)
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    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    I keep getting this one....quite off putting.
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    Player Watch: Serge Aurier

    This Serge pose makes me laugh for some reason...
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    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    Looking at the results today I think Jose will really think there is a sniff of league glory this season. He’s going to be in his element in this crazy season.
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    Milan Skriniar

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    Premier League 2020/21

    It’s a good game but Tyler and Neville are talking like it’s the greatest game of all time. 🤷‍♂️
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    Player Watch - Carlos Vinícius

    I hope they don’t tell Donna Cullen what people were saying about her a couple of weeks back. 😀
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Maccabi Haifa - Match Thread - Europa Qualifier

    Harry’s combined goal and assist numbers must be crazy so far this season.
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    Carabao Cup 2020/21

    Eddie NKetiah is the spitting image of Marlow Stanfield from The Wire.
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Maccabi Haifa - Match Thread - Europa Qualifier

    He’s only got them for another fortnight. When Bale’s back he takes all free kicks.
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    Player Watch - Carlos Vinícius

    Slightly off topic but does anyone remember the name of the American player we tried to sign in the late 90’s /early 00’s whose work Permit was denied?
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    Player Watch: Harry Kane

    That you Eric?