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  1. YiddoTom90


    get sabitzer and use ndomb3le for skrinier. that would be smart imo
  2. YiddoTom90

    Player Watch Player Watch: Joe Hart

    ndombele for perisic haha. skrinier or go home
  3. YiddoTom90

    Race for The Top 10

    and mess up greenwood's rise I don't think so. city are the only ones who are likely with aguero going soon
  4. YiddoTom90

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - Groundhog Day you say? Groundhog Day you say?

    milik is a great dead ball specialist too. not a bad free kick taker too. if we keep him injury free then it's a good option to have
  5. YiddoTom90

    The Transfer Wishlist Thread

    oh I agree I just think we have a better chance of seeing pigs fly
  6. YiddoTom90

    The Transfer Wishlist Thread

    I'd the gravenberch over coutinho. for age. still 18 and the next big thing out of ajax. ndidi would cost 80 mill or more. can't see levy paying that. Chilwell will go to Chelsea. koulibaly will be 60 plus. will levy pay that.
  7. YiddoTom90

    The Transfer Wishlist Thread

    Ryan gravenberch of ajax. looks a huge talent
  8. YiddoTom90


    Barca are a great club though. Most Brazilian players would go there. Besides suarez done well when he left. Barca also have too many midfielders too.
  9. YiddoTom90

    Player Watch Pierre-Emile Højbjerg - Player Watch

    35 is alot for 1 yr left. Think 25 would do it
  10. YiddoTom90

    The Transfer Wishlist Thread

    Do we need ramsey? Good player but similar to alli. 400k wages too
  11. YiddoTom90

    The Transfer Wishlist Thread

    donnarumma is one we need to watch for either this window or the next. his contract expires next season? we wouldn't need a gk for 12 yrs if we got him. to think he's still 20-21
  12. YiddoTom90

    The Transfer Wishlist Thread

    psg letting cavani go on a free. of all the freebies out there. this is one we should be going for. still got 2 to 3 good years left imo.
  13. YiddoTom90

    The Transfer Wishlist Thread

    Chelsea after havertz now. they will be up there with Liverpool and city if they get werner and him.
  14. YiddoTom90

    The Transfer Wishlist Thread

    wonder how much ings would go for. would prefer him to origi. seems to be finding his old form again after that injury.
  15. YiddoTom90

    Player Watch: Harry Kane

    I would ask for greenwood and Rashford in exchange if he goes there
  16. YiddoTom90

    Let's All Laugh At... Lets all laugh at Newcastle thread

    320 billion valued. you have to think about ffp. another club throwing 100 mill like it's a drop in the ocean.
  17. YiddoTom90


    3 0r 4 won't do shite. our depth is crap too. 8 or 9 sounds right
  18. YiddoTom90

    Player Watch: Harry Winks

    Jack of all trades master of none
  19. YiddoTom90

    Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    alright sayonara kane and son