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  1. dagraham

    2020 Cheltenham Tips, Betting & Chat.

    It’s nothing ground breaking. They’re all favourites. Bennie Des Dieux - Mares Hurdle Envoi Allen - Ballymore Hurdle Tiger Roll - Cross Country Paisley Park - Stayers Hurdle 12.5/1. A couple of them could run elsewhere, but as I said it’s NRNB. Also, my record at Cheltenham the last two...
  2. dagraham

    Mourinho - What do we want/hope/expect?

    There's a few threads already about what team Jose might play, how he'll set up etc, but this is about what you want or expect from Mourinho's regime. And I don't mean general, obvious things like "win a few trophies". I'm talking more specific stuff and not necessarily only on the pitch on a...
  3. dagraham

    Best and worst times at WHL

    I know we have a few threads on WHL, but there's no harm in another. Been going since the mid 80's, although not regularly until about 88/89 and strangely I don't remember my first game at all. So many memorable times and games, but this is Spurs and we wouldn't be Spurs fans without a few...
  4. dagraham

    The one that got away

    Sounds far fetched and we certainly did more than alright with Klinsmann, but imagine how crazy this would have been if we'd pulled it off. Would have liked to have seen how Sugar reacted to some of his "baggage" :D...
  5. dagraham

    Set pieces

    There have probably been numerous threads over the years on this subject, but I couldn't be bothered to trawl through the archives. I still cannot get my head round why we are so abject at set pieces. We have a player in Christian Eriksen that is clearly our best outfield player, who would...
  6. dagraham

    Cheer up!

    Thought I'd lighten the mood........ We don't play again for another 13 days! Get in! :)
  7. dagraham


    I know we are only 5 games into the season, so this may seem knee jerk but Eriksen's performances are slightly concerning me. At first I just thought he's a bit out of form at the start of the season, but the more I see I'm starting to worry that the way we are playing doesn't suit him. He's...
  8. dagraham

    What are you most looking forward to next season?

    Simple question. Even the most cynical bastards among us like myself must be looking forward to at least one thing next season. So which is it? Maybe you're just looking forward to not having to see Sherwood's mug anymore. Or not having to witness Danny Rose masquerading as a PL defender...
  9. dagraham

    Nicklas Bendtner makes a tit of himself - again!

    Is there any end to this guy's twatishness? Alleged incident took place in Copenhagen on Tuesday Dominic Fifield, Thursday 13 March 2014 10.02 GMT Nicklas Bendtner...
  10. dagraham

    Planet Zlatan

    Has anyone read Zlatan Ibrahimovic's autobigraphy? I've just finished it and I have to say its one of the best footballers books I've read in a long while. He does come across as a bit of a tool at times and his ego is as big as a house but it's refreshing to see a player write a warts an all...
  11. dagraham

    Loic Remy - Charges dropped

    The rape case against Remy has been dropped with no further charges. Anyone think we should make a bid to get him in next season? I think he's proved himself in the PL and he's still only on loan. I'm sure we'd be a more attractive propositon than Newcastle. I say we should be all over it now...
  12. dagraham

    DOF System

    I know this has been discussed numerous times but in the light of AVB's sacking I think its worth re-visiting. For me, the DOF system (in England at least) is a bit like communism : great in theory but rarely works in practice. The top two arguments in favour seems to be : 1) In modern...
  13. dagraham

    Are we making excuses?

    I'll probably be told to f*** off and support Man Utd or something, which seems the usual response these days to anything remotely negative but here goes. Following on from AVB suggesting that the fans are to blame for the poor performances of late, we now have Dembele coming out and suggesting...
  14. dagraham


    We all know he has limitations and isn't the most cultured footballer but sometimes you just need a defender who simply enjoys defending. On paper he probably wouldn't even be first choice with a fully fit Kaboul but football is not played on paper, its real life and Dawson's grabbed his...