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  1. doctor stefan Freud

    The Post-Poch Despair Thread

    Whatever your feelings about what should happen next with Poch, it’s almost certain that if he goes, at some point you’ll wish he was back. That might be a smidge of despair, or something more profound and long lasting- either way, we’re here for you
  2. doctor stefan Freud

    The Diamond

    After last night’s shit shower, my pettiness compels me to start this
  3. doctor stefan Freud

    Reasons to be Cheerful

    There’s been considerable angst, anxiety and despair lately, and while squandering a two goal lead at Arsenal isn’t great, I have hope: While we are still a fragmented team, we showed some bright counterattacking football today. We haven’t really benefited from Ndombele and GLC yet but both...
  4. doctor stefan Freud

    The Many Eyes of Erik Lamela

    With our boy Erik starting the season on decent form, it seems fitting we track him and his emotional responses to the highs and lows of this season. First up is his reaction to our equaliser against Villa last week. Note the intensity of his eyes: joy is deferred in preference for the grim...
  5. doctor stefan Freud

    The Champions League Semifinal Time Paradox Thread

    How the fuck are Willie Nelson, who was allegedly with family in Texas at the time, and future Lucas Moura standing next to each other celebrating our famous semi final victory against Ajax? The mind boggles...
  6. doctor stefan Freud

    If This Season Was A Film

    Season 2018-19, bar a certain game in early June, is finally finished. It’s been an interesting one to say the least, and one way of appropriating it is to compare it to a film. For me, this season has been like The Empire Strikes Back. We were caught on the back foot early on, had to scrap to...
  7. doctor stefan Freud

    Chelsea in a tight spot

    Looks like Chelsea will be pulling a Spurs for the next two windows. Somehow I don’t fancy them to manage it as well as Poch has
  8. doctor stefan Freud

    Random Star Wars figures at Spurs matches

    Jawa at Goodison
  9. doctor stefan Freud

    The Klopp to Real Madrid Summer 2018 pledge

    Time to get this puppy started. Since we’ve suffered the slings and arrows of the media spinning the Poch to Real narrative, it feels fitting to turn our collective consciousness to willing Klopp to join the Spanish giants. Mostly for the sheer joy of watching the mighty reds implode, but also...
  10. doctor stefan Freud

    Vincent Janssen Saw this and thought about earlier itk (though not sure how reputable it might have been) suggesting Vincent might be off. His comments are open to interpretation and...
  11. doctor stefan Freud

    Best defence Worth a read!