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  1. Allygold

    Which retro kit would you pick for Spurs to wear in the Lane's final game?

    This has had a fair bit of social media debate so I thought it might kick off some discussion in here. Which Spurs kit from the past would you choose for the players to walk out in against Man Utd for the Lane's final game? It can be one Tottenham have won a trophy in or simply a kit you loved...
  2. Allygold

    Poch on that nutmeg

    I asked Poch a couple of questions about Lamela's contract and that nutmeg today during his press conference. Safe to say he wasn't a fan of the latter. Here are his answers.
  3. Allygold

    Seven things I learned from today

    The challenge was set last week to not just do five things learned, so here's seven!
  4. Allygold

    Angry Poch

    This was from the print journalists' part of Poch's press conference. He launched into a proper rant and it's hard to disagree with any of it. Story here.
  5. Allygold

    Five things I learned from the Everton match

    For anyone who's bored and has a spare five minutes. Here you go.
  6. Allygold

    A view from inside Poch's press conference

    Another five minute or so read for anyone who enjoyed the last one. Must say Mr Pochettino certainly seems to be a delightful fellow up close and personal, but the players are really going to be pushed even harder this season. 'There's a glint in Mauricio Pochettino's eye and the curl of a...
  7. Allygold

    Forgotten Spurs can write their own fairy tale under Pochettino

    A little bit from me on Poch and what Spurs could do this season: 'In footballing terms, Mauricio Pochettino is as brave as Premier League managers come. The beautiful game before us today is a different beast to what it once was. The global behemoth that is the EPL demands of its members...
  8. Allygold

    5 things I learned from today's game

    Hope this might be of interest to some people. Just a few musings after the match. Link here.
  9. Allygold

    Evoking magic memories of Bale and Maicon

    A little bit from me on what today's match reminds me of right here for anyone interested. Apologies for any crap adverts that pop up from time to time.
  10. Allygold

    Poch stays and trio are 'not in my plans'

    The boss is staying and admits that Bentaleb, Pritchard and Fazio are off. Thank goodness for that, on the Poch news. Shame about Pritchard. Thought he might make it at Spurs.
  11. Allygold

    Why do super-fit Spurs concede more of their goals late on?

    Another stats-based piece from me and a genuine question, because I really don't have the answer. Why did Spurs concede the majority of their goals in the final 15 minutes of matches last season? Here's the story.
  12. Allygold

    Poch linked with Argentina job

    Please say this doesn't happen. Story here.
  13. Allygold

    Trippier, Wimmer and Carroll have the best Spurs win rates

    Last one from me today as I'm wary that I'm starting a few too many threads, but I got these stats from Opta and I thought they were quite interesting. I know players playing in less games have a better chance of higher win rates, but it does show they're all cogs in the machine. Here's the story.
  14. Allygold

    Who hates Spurs and who we rather dislike

    Had a poll come through after 10,000 Premier League fans across the country were surveyed so I popped together this story. I get the obvious Arsenal and Chelsea hate for us, but Leicester? Were we that annoying to them last season apart from running them close until the final weeks? Also...
  15. Allygold

    Dream come true - I finally get to cover Tottenham Hotspur

    Morning people, It's been a long time in the making, decades in fact, but some crazy person is finally going to let me write about Tottenham Hotspur for a living. The Hertfordshire Mercury covered the club for decades and then stopped when they moved the training ground out of its patch years...
  16. Allygold

    Don't Bale out just as opportunity knocks

    You know times are changing when the despair brought on by the annual end of season overtaking by that lot up the road lasts 24 hours rather than a month. There was the usual air of inevitability about the Premier League's final day. I've lost count of the number of times this season a late...
  17. Allygold

    Crouching Andre, Hidden Harry

    I know full well it’s going to happen, it’s inevitable, that usual moment when I find myself a nervous wreck watching a Spurs game on Sky, but this time I realise I’m doing the ‘AVB crouch’ in the centre of my living room. When I don’t have the masses of the White Hart Lane faithful to keep my...
  18. Allygold

    Kids' Spurs shirts

    Hi guys, Needed a bit of help. My daughter's been asking for the Spurs home top for her upcoming birthday. She's only young, so needs the SB size. I've never bought a kid's Spurs top before and I'm looking for my cheapest option, but seem to be having a nightmare finding many places that sell...
  19. Allygold

    A New Dawn

    The strains of Chas and Dave let me know I’d received a text message and the bedside clock informed me in no uncertain terms that it was indeed an ungodly hour of the night. My eyes struggled to focus on the phone’s display, but the words still hit the mark - ‘Ramos gone, Redknapp taking over’...
  20. Allygold

    Ode to Jol

    Finally, after a year spent locked away alone in a small cupboard with a laptop, a television that only picked up Sky Sports News and a large supply of fig rolls, I have finished it. I have sat glued as Spurs managed to confound the red-shirted sceptics and mount a campaign worth remembering. A...