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  1. ERO

    Lloris is still our captain. Own up to being a dimwit

    After about 9000 post guaranteeing that Lloris was gonna leave this summer - I hope the people telling other members they were idiots for thinking Lloris will stay will own up. Here's your thread.
  2. ERO

    All together now...

    Names are hard. Hard to say, and even harder to spell. But if we all join forces, maybe, one day, we can all spell the names of our players! Like: Christian Eriksen Erik Lamela Emmanuel Adebayor Steffen Freund Bonus: Didier Zokora Steffen Iversen Heurelho Gomes
  3. ERO

    FAO of those screaming for bookings when players wave imaginary cards

    All those screaming for bookings/sending offs/public hangings when a player waves an imaginary card as to say that another player should get a booking/be sent off; what exactly do you think the other 20 players surrounding the referee are saying to him?
  4. ERO

    One Hotspur membership card 14/15

    I had forgot to update my post address after moving back from London, and thus I think my membership package has been sent there. (Cos they have sent them out, right?) While it's obviously heartbreaking to miss the 13/14 season review and pins and stickers, most of those things are possible to...
  5. ERO


    Booked my tickets for Turin, 13.-16. of May after beating Dnipro. They can't stop 'em, the boys from Tottenham. Where is everyone staying?
  6. ERO

    Rohan Ricketts - the banana munching nwa legend. :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:
  7. ERO

    Wigan tickets

    Where have they gone? I missed the original deadline, and they're on general sale, but I can't find them anywhere. Latest update on Ticket Office Today just states they've gone on general sale, but they've been nowhere to be found for days.
  8. ERO

    Say No To Stratford. Requiem for a dream.

  9. ERO

    Watching Spurs in Manchester

    Anyone got any hot tips on where I'd like to go to see Spurs in Manchester for the matches I won't be able to get to?
  10. ERO

    Arsenal Hokey Pokey

    I just put together a amateurish mish mash video that 'arry would probably send to Old Trafford given the chance. You may all think it's crap, but I think it's effing hillarious, and I'm very proud to present the Arsenal Hokey Pokey: 6pBEUWD9-6A
  11. ERO

    Old SkySports clip

    Just back from a fantastic stay prolonged by the fantastic volcano. Now on to Memory Lane. We were some Norwegians stopped by SkySports, answered a few questions and sung the Erik the Viking song. Was told it was all aired, and would love to watch it again. Anyone know if this is possible in...
  12. ERO

    Spurs in Prague

    I'm stuck in Prague when we play Stoke. Any reason to hope some pub will show it?