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    Young fan loses life playing football

    In light of everything going on and the match tonight its sad to read about this young Tottenham fan losing his life playing the game. A 14-year-old goalkeeper has died after he was injured in a "collision" with another player at...
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    Domenico Berardi Italian club Sassuolo are increasingly hopeful that their star striker Domenico Berardi will reject a move to Tottenham Hotspur...
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    Spurs vids and clips

    Not sure if there's already a thread on this but would be nice to see and hear some recordings from yesterday's game, especially ones of the crowd in full song.
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    Team vs Swansea

    Interesting times eh? Will be interesting to see what Poch does and interesting to see what you lot argue with each other about... So go ahead, make my day...
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    Poch vs the press

    He'd proper do over that fat bearded Samuel. Anyway less about that. I'm not sure if this has been discussed and it's not intended to be a criticism but do you guys think that Poch struggles against pressing teams? I think he does, Liverpool, Leverkusen, Dortmund all have made us look pretty...
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    Sorry if posted. Looks like we're playing our cl games there.
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    It might actually be a good thing

    we didn't win the league. I love a good cliche especially one that attempts to cover up some degree of hurt and pain. However freak season, missed opportunity aside, this will definitely act as fire in their bellies. We have a very young side, and as long as we can keep it in tact and...
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    Mourinho's right

    ..your fans are shite. All I care about right now is how shit their fans were and how good ours were in comparison. That's excactly what being a fan is all about as far as I am concerned. So you might be able to buy a lot of things, including a team and a trophy but you certainly can't buy...
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    Your teams vs Asteras Tripolis and Stoke

    Pretty early to be thinking about this, but I think there are lots of interesting decisions / dilemmas in terms of team selection. So what would you like to see?
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    Songs for Pochettino

    Yes, it's the obligatory post your songs for our new signing thread. So post those songs that will never get sung, no matter how good or bad they are.... Yid, o, you know who he is Pochettino, Pochettino, Pochettino, Pochettino (Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow) Sorry, I don't know why, but it...
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    New manager needs at least 3 Years says Ginola Mauricio Pochettino will need time at Tottenham says David Ginola Play media Mauricio Pochettino will need to be given three to five years if he is appointed as Tottenham Hotspur manager says former player David Ginola. The Spaniard is in advanced...
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    Rafa van der Vaart

    I know he's a bit older (albeit the same age as Yaya Toure) and his injury record isn't great (but so's Bale's) but his contract is due to run out soon and it's likely he'll be off. Head says no but the heart says; lets just give it a go...
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    A couple of questions...

    1) Since 1933 to present what is our average league position (old first or Prem only)? 2) In terms of highest average league positions, again since 1933, what periods* have been our most successful? *This can be down to interpretation, so for example you can base it on 5 year chunks. I would...
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    Kyle Walker deal

    Just a heads up that my local Halfords had Kyle Walker car air fresheners reduced to 10p. Not sure if they're itk or anything like that but seemed a good deal. Was missing the mole and smells a bit weird but all in all happy with the performance. Couldn't find a Lamela one, which was odd.
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    How can we improve in 5 easy steps?

    How can we improve our enjoyment of supporting Tottenham in 5 steps? 1) support another team 1) Lower our expectations 2) Focus on creating a fun atmoshere 3) Introduce half time strippers 4) Stop trying to be a virtual manager / thinking you always know best 5) Get laid more Any other...
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    Nice article from Pleat on Timothy Ex-Spurs boss David Pleat on new head coach Tim Sherwood Tottenham announced on Monday that Tim Sherwood was the new head coach of the club, signing a deal until the end of the 2014-15 season. Sherwood, who captained Blackburn to the Premier...
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    How will you treat Tim?

    Interested to read how people are planning on treating Tim (on here and at games), especially those that aren't happy with his appointment. The cynic in me thinks that those who are so vocal (esp in the match day thread) will be conspicuous by their absence here and I suspect it wont be long...
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    Have perspective2

    We are 1 point behind third
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    Capoue - Sprained ankle (4 weeks)

    I know it's early days but did AVB mention anything about him? Looked pretty bad :(
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    The fabled "Transfer List"

    Does such a list actually exist? And has one ever existed?