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    Team v Southampton (a)

    Which would fit with what's being reported. We shall see.
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    Team v Southampton (a)

    Quite a few sources including Marca. Has a knee issue that will keep him out for four weeks. Apparently confirmed by the club but wont be an issue regarding the loan...
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    Team v Southampton (a)

    Bales injured at the moment anyway..
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    Player Watch: Gareth Bale

    Interesting article on Bale, although not sure of the date. Id be lying if I said I wasn'tconcerned about his injury record.
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    Player Watch: Gareth Bale

    Yeah we need to give the guy a break. He was trying his hardest.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - RETRO Edition 14th September 2020

    Interested to know why @Hercules and @Trix have such an issue with Donna Cullen. Has that been explained anywhere in this thread? She's actually helped me out a number of times, and i know she has done a lot for the club and its supporters, so can't understand what the issue would be. Im...
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Everton

    I think lucas was the only one putting any pressure on. That's about as good as it got. Worrying signs with Kane. No intensity apart from the one run and throwing his arms around. His positioning was off too. Noticed him standing in some very obscure places.
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    Player Watch Player Watch: Joe Hart

    Cue Hugo and Gazza injuries for our first few games...
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    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    ...well it had been.
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    Manager watch: Jose Mourinho

    It could be that certain people post at certain times. I think the discussion in this thread has been a decent read from both sides.
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    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    This should probably be in the mourinho thread but is relevant to the conversations about tn. Probably explains why it works with some and not others. Thats precisely what he is doing...
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Arsenal

    Ndombele man of the match for me. You can just see from the way he was sitting on the bench that he would have been able to cut through the Arsenal midfield and defence with ease. Jose knew that but wanted the remaining team mates to prove him a point. So clever management too. Tn aside i...
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    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    No he wasn't. Mourinho is in the same league as trapottoni and fergie. You then have the likes of wenger, paisley, shankly and guardiola. Anyway the point remains his experience and judgement must count for something before it is dismissed by a load of fans from a football forum. And i don't...
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    Player Watch: Tanguy Ndombele

    He's also one of the most successful managers in football history.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Bournemouth

    Love the blind optimism regarding Ndombele. He was as shit as everyone else.
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    Team vs Manchester United

    At this rate it will take place after the transfer window opens so we could be lining up with all kinds of new superstars...
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    Player Watch Player watch: Son Heung-min

    Ive just checked and Anichebe is available on a free...
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Aston Villa

    I was seriously wondering if i was watching a different game until i read your comment. Seeing the amount of poor marks and continual negativity aimed at Lucas has really got me wondering. I thought he was excellent today and my man of the match. He was a constant threat and competed and...
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    Team v Man City (h)

    Lloris Aurier Sanchez toby japhet sess Winks NDombele lo celso Son moura Pace pace pace
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - Little Bald Riding Hood

    Id like to acknowledge just how good and important Rose has been for us over the years. Regardless of your view now he has been an instrumental part of our evolution over the last 9 years or so. I wish him all the best and will applaud him whenever he returns.