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    Match Threads Spurs vs Manchester United - Match Thread - Day 30

    I agree. But... A right foot might be nice for Lamela... To be fair if he had one, he'd be world class.
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Manchester City - Match Thread

    Two players from the top drawer. If we can get a good holding midfielder, and Ndombele can get a bit more combative off the ball we've got a hell of a midfield moving forwards...
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    Match Threads West Ham vs Spurs - Match Thread

    What's perhaps more impressive is that we've managed to change style after 2-3 days of training and coaching. It shows that the communication lines between staff and players are good and the players are getting on board.
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    The Race for the Title 2019/20

    Agree with all of that, except Liverpool won't be winning the league whilst City are still around...
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    Premier League 2019–?

    Plus Poch has a proven track record of turning players into excellent fullbacks
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Villa - Match Thread

    Sissoko has been truly awful going forward. There is no end product at all and since Villa are parking the bus and counter attacking we ought to substitute him...
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    Gary Neville's England midfield blueprint: Harry Winks is key

    State the obvious Gary. The midfield England put out against the Netherlands was mid-table quality at best. Winks is top class but injuries are the one concern we all have about him. Is Foden a central midfielder or more of an attacking midfielder? Time will tell...
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    Player Watch: Giovani Lo Celso

    Very optimistic IMO. Skipp is not the player Winks is and is unlikely to become as good.
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    Match Threads Spurs vs Liverpool - Match Thread - Champions League Final

    The rules need to change if refs are going to be dicks about hand ball and penalties which looks likely with the increase of VAR. Firstly the ball needs to be heading in the direction of goal. Secondly, the shape of the box needs to become a D and pulled out so that only shots from those angles...
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Ajax (2nd leg)

    Only 1 man of the match possible but without Llorente none of those goals were likely to happen. He changed the game. For all their pretty football ultimately Ajax were outdone by an old fashioned target man...
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    Champions League 2018/2019

    Awful tactics from him. Why play an open attacking game when you're 3-0 up.? He turned it in to a lottery where Barca missed their chances and Liverpool took theirs. It was the reverse of the first leg. Defend your lead ffs. Hit them on the counter. Play pace on the break. Dembele should have...
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    Match Threads Bournemouth v Spurs - Match Thread

    Nah. If he'd pushed him in the face then maybe but he didn't... for every example you can find of a push being punished with a red, I can probably find 20 that result in a yellow.
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    Match Threads Bournemouth v Spurs - Match Thread

    How many times have you seen players shove another like that and get a red? I can't think of any... How many times have you seen a shove penalised with a yellow? Virtually every time...
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    Match Threads Bournemouth v Spurs - Match Thread

    We'd much rather have the red for Dier than Son. Ref has bought their crowd reaction and pressure and sent off Son for a yellow card offence. Weak referee
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    Match Threads Bournemouth v Spurs - Match Thread

    Completely agree. Players do that all the time and just get a yellow at most. The ref has bought a theatrical reaction. Either that or he's been paid off...
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    Match Threads Bournemouth v Spurs - Match Thread

    Getting the feeling that these missed chances are going to come back and bite us. Have to score...
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    Match Threads Man City vs Spurs - Match Thread - Premier League

    Obviously I want us to win and we need the points it's just an enormous shame that if city lose it's likely the bloody bindippers will win the league. Ugh. If that happens it'll be unbearable.
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    Match Threads Liverpool vs Spurs - Match Thread

    That's football. Across the season, luck makes a big difference. Liverpool seem to get more than their fair share. We also have to look at our inept finishing. He's literally the last player you'd want in that position but even then, how did Sissoko not score?
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    Match Threads Burnley vs Spurs - Match Thread

    They were clever today in using constant little fouls as a means of stopping any momentum. It's one of the flaws of the game that essentially cheating can be a 'tactic'. Dean did nothing to stop it from happening too...