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  1. Cravenspurs

    Amadou Diawara

    Mods - I have read that the source is a top paper for Napoli news. I am sorry if this doesn’t meet guidelines. If not please remove. I personally would cream for this kid...
  2. Cravenspurs

    Frenkie de Jong

    **Mods - Apologies if this thread doesn't meet the standards set for links. I probably jumped the gun** "Lorient's French youngster Matteo Guendouzi is also being monitored but...
  3. Cravenspurs

    Player Watch: Serge Aurier

    I couldn't find the player thread for Serge, so here it is. Can't wait to see this guy on the right as he has it in him to make us forget about KW. Great a many balls into the box and that threat that KT just doesn't have in his locker.
  4. Cravenspurs


    Sorry mods as I know one of these threads was already started but it appears it was deleted. With @dovahkiin whoring of info it appears that ITK is suggesting we are after him and it has been reported previously in periodicals. I am a firm no on this kid as I think he is too raw to come and...
  5. Cravenspurs

    Where to watch the Man U game...

    I will be in London with my girlfriend for this coming weekends game. This will be both of ours first time in London and I am looking for a low key place to watch the game and get some good eats and beer. My girl probably isn't up for a real rawkus atmosphere as we would have been traveling for...