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  1. smudger

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - Little Bald Riding Hood

    Oh we won’t announce piatek till next Monday after everyone has had a go at leaking the pics and everything else lol. but great news and promising too. Didn’t we have itk saying jose wanted all signings in by Wednesday? I’m hoping that’s coz he will throw them in against city if so. No...
  2. smudger

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread DEADLINE DAY 31st January 2019

    We ain’t gonna sign anyone. As much I still hope for a vdv signing again. I think that was a one off that fell onto our lap. 9 times out of 10 it’s more just more disappointment and emptiness
  3. smudger

    Denis Zakaria

    Do do do Denis zakaria :whistle::whistle:
  4. smudger

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread DEADLINE DAY!

    I’d take anything at the moment herc lol. Think if we do anything this will be our way round it now. I don’t mind that. As long as obligation to buy. That’s the only comfort I have with kovaceic at Chelsea is there’s no option to buy so they’re basically stopping the likes of loftus cheek from...
  5. smudger

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread DEADLINE DAY!

    So this is it. Just wanna say thanks to a&c, rob the mods and of course the itks who keep on bringing us it all even when questioned and sometimes mocked, herc, Grey fox, trix and breezer especially. Appreciate all the info good and bad you bring us. Keep up the good work Now on today’s...
  6. smudger

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 8th August

    Thanks Grey fox as always. Must’ve been who igi was alluding to as well last night with the one pretty much done. Guess we’ve offered that and now villa moved goal posts which is ironic. Interesting to see about why we haven’t moved before so maybe he is higher up poch’s wish list than we...
  7. smudger

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 8th August

    Well that’s a nice way to start the morning off. Thanks trix. Sounds realistic too. Just so hope we can land martial as well. What a boost that would give everyone going into Saturday and he’s had a pretty season with Utd. Up until the last couple of weeks ;) Just gonna sit back now and wait...
  8. smudger

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 7th August

    Your becoming my one hope something else will happen. Unless it’s that young keeper and grealish 😂
  9. smudger

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 5th August

    Not that I wanna jump on the guessing train but then I guess I am. But maybe and hoping he means Brozović as seen a few links over on the site that cannot be named and he is a attacking mid so hoping it him. but as i’m getting scared of what might come my way by speculation I’m leaving it there...
  10. smudger

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 28th July

    Greattttttt so I’m gonna have to sit through fucking Jim white and his sill yellow tie getting all carried away on deadline day now lol :banghead:
  11. smudger

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 27th July

    If we really are only after homegrown pkayers we need to stop dicking about and really go for zaha and grealish. Coz I can’t think of anyone else we’ve been linked with that falls into that category
  12. smudger

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 24th July

    Can see this all blowing up in our face. Guess it’s how we’ve gotta do business but it’s little stunts like this how we end up pissing people off. Like the whole zaha incident. Is only good if it comes off which I’m hoping it does. Guess you can call it being brave after all lol
  13. smudger

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 22nd July

    Toby signing would be a right result. As others have said means we have two weeks to sign two players. And a possible back 3 of toby,jan and dav would be quality. A new contract with no release clause will make all forgiven for me ;)
  14. smudger

    New Kit 18-19

    I know it’s everywhere now anyway. But I just looked and you can even order the away one on very now
  15. smudger

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 11th July

    Oh you little tease. Really hope everything gets going now everyone is coming back. Not got long. Weird how everything takes so long to be announced. And this has really intrigued me lol. Let’s hope its as positive as it sounds
  16. smudger

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 10th June

    Well whatever trix means it sounds promising Just see young klivert has gone to Roma so that’s one more winger off the list we did have itk linking before to him
  17. smudger

    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 7th June

    Morning all. After herc’s generous amount of info and going on’s at the moment yesterday and thinking behind transfers. He seemed hopeful of something happening before the World Cup so that’s a week left now. I’d take a signing now even grealish to start with. Hoping we get hit with a out of the...
  18. smudger

    Player watch: Danny Rose

    Thanks herc. Is a shame all round, one for him on personal level but also us on a professional and fan level coz he was and probably is best left back on his day. Maybe it’s the idealist in me but just want players who proper love playing for us out there. And seems like he don’t no more for...
  19. smudger

    Player watch: Danny Rose

    Are you sure herc? Not questioning you of course. But after reading that interview it seems anything but. If I hadn’t have read your comments here first I’d be fuming with him again. He was the one saying about fines so don’t get why he would say that if he hadn’t? Unless the club said to say it...