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    16yr old kid in the MLS - Alphonso Davies

    Bit of a bump but watching him vs Chelsea today (let alone against us) is something else. Sold to Bayern for €18 million Euros in summer 2018. Worth how much now?
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    Player watch: Toby Alderweireld

    Very harsh on Davies. He's been here since 2014 and played well enough in a wing back system that he isn't built for and that includes the 18 months that Danny was crocked. He's not a flair player but to say he brings nothing to the team is just not fair. Besides...if this Mourinho...
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    Spurs in Canada

    At least an hour I would guess.
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    Spurs in Canada

    The Scotland Yard Pub is the official home of Spurs Canada. They will be showing it and you will be surrounded with Spurs supporters. It's also very easy to get to since it's near Union Station in downtown Toronto which is a major station serving both the overground & underground trains...
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    Match Threads Bournemouth v Spurs - Match Thread

    1 win or 2 draws will still grt us to where we need to go. Bring Llorente on and play 4-4-1 and hold what we have and play for the draw next week. Sonny can score a hat trick in Amsterdam to make it up to everyone.
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    Transport options

    Thanks for this Skiba!
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    Transport options

    Thanks for the info spursphil. This is sounding more and more like the route I will test out for the first trip to the stadium.
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    Transport options

    Thanks lads. Will definitely give it a try once to test it out.
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    Transport options

    Has anyone or does anyone make the walk to Wood Green on the Piccadilly line? Using Google Maps isn't an exact science but it almost looks the same distance as Seven Sisters give or take a few steps but I never see it mentioned anywhere as an option and the walk looks simple enough across...
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    Match Threads Chelsea vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Park the bus and hope Moura can use his pace on the counter to sneak a goal to send us though.
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    Match Ratings Ratings vs Brighton

    Well done to all. And especially well done to Brighton for playing Chas & Dave at half time and I just want to say I love Chris Hughton. A proper Spurs man through and through. Hope Brighton stay up.
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread 24th July

    Martial would be an incredible signing that we all want but I think Kovacic is the dream CM that we really need.
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    16yr old kid in the MLS - Alphonso Davies

    Bit of a bump but it's summer and not much going on. Just saw the news that Bayern Munich have signed him for a record MLS fee. It will be very interesting to see how he develops in the near future...
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    The Daily ITK Discussion Thread - 20th May

    Well as the song goes.....he was born to play for Spurs.
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    Match Threads West Brom vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Run AT them. Like he has twice in the 3 minutes he's been on and drawn 2 yellow cards.
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    Match Threads West Brom vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Get Lucas on and let him run at them.
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    In praise of...

    Paul Stalteri. Did the double in Germany with Bremen (unthinkable now) played in the final 16 of the Champions League and signed up for a then very mid table Spurs side. Could run all day long and worked very well with a very young Aaron Lennon. If Poch the Full Back Whisperer could have got...
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    Liverpool vs Spurs Match Thread

    Great pass Eric. Same old, same old.
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    Spurs in Canada

    Bit tough to make it in from Durham for most of the games but the late afternoon kickoffs are ideal (like this Saturday vs. Everton). Great group of guys.