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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    “At Cadbury, we believe there is a glass and half of generosity and kindness in everyone". 😂
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    The Cricket Thread

    First time in seven years I'll be missing out on a weekend in Birmingham with my eldest lad, just me and 'im, for an Edgbaston Test. Oh, well - fingers crossed for 2021 (India).
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    Spurs Memorabilia

    I've got all our double winning programmes, home and away, including 'friendlies' - 1960/61. I've also got original tickets for every cup final we've played in since 1961 apart from two, both rare as rocking horse shit, if there's one out there........ 1971 Torino v Spurs - Anglo Italian...
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    Coronavirus: Premier League and EFL postponed until April

    Fully agree - however the BBC replacing MotD with an episode of Mrs Brown's Boys is taking the p*ss.
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    Levy: Summer transfer plans will be impacted without Champions League

    .....Not forgetting that ENIC made a loss of over £30m on their original Rangers share investment when they sold their holdings to David Murray, in 2004, for £8.7m & levy left the Rangers board. Their investment losses at the other clubs mentioned is not recorded.
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    30th July confirmed, according to the Radio Times.
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    Player Watch Player watch: Son Heung-min

    Cool story, bro'.
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    Player Watch Player watch: Son Heung-min

    Which seems a good enough reason for him to keep his ar*e where he is. It would be typical Spurs to be the only club in Europe to be hit by the Covid-9 virus.
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    The Greatest: Jimmy Greaves

    We drew 0 - 0 at home in the cup to Palace and lost 1-0 in the replay (Gerry 'Queen scores at the Palace'), him and Gilly were immediately dropped and Jimmy never played for us again (and still ended up that season's leading scorer, along with Chiv). The Blackpool game to which you refer was...
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    The Troy Parrott Sketch

    I'm all for giving youngsters their opportunity, but players mature differently. Yes, I agree with you, Greenwood looks a good young player - but compare and contrast him with HK: Harry Kane played 1 Premier League game before turning 20. He scored the sum total of 1 goal for Spurs before...
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    The Troy Parrott Sketch

    The Irish Sun....'lads go on holiday story'.
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    Match Threads Chelsea vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Poor at the back, no threat up front, lack of fight, conviction or ideas in the middle, 2nd to every ball, unable to retain the ball - that was dire.
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    Man City Banned From UCL For 2 years

    However City get their money, it sure isn't from gate receipts judging by the banks of empty seats at last nights game.
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    Match Threads Aston Villa vs Spurs - Match Thread

    Engels should have stuck to philosophy, still - full Marx to our boys!
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    Let's get Jimmy Greaves a gong

    I signed it, but given that it's Iain Duncan-Smith and the Daily Heil behind this I can't help thinking it's a ruse to get Jimmy G back to work.
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    How Spurs' £1bn stadium has become go-to venue for sports and entertainment industry

    As a 64yr old, you (and I) have living memory of a trophy haul that most on here can only dream of.
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    The Greatest: Jimmy Greaves

    No apologies for bumping this thread. Like so many old stagers on here, Greavsie was, is, and always will be my all-time Spurs hero and best ever player. I was so lucky that my peak time attending home and away matches regularly (1964/1974) as a teenager coincided with much of his glittering...
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    New Stadium Details And Discussions

    Another event announced......
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    New contract for Troy

    My best mate wants him on loan at his club........unfortunately my best mate's team is the Boro'.
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    'Celebrity Fans'

    My faith in humanity has been restored - I feared the worst checking the Spurs entry, filled with hope rather than expectation: but there it was in black and white. Why has Levy not issued him with a banning order?