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  1. whatsappnin

    Can I...

    Try and handle on the line (as a defender), touch the ball, with hand/lower arm, keep ball out without getting sent off? What if it goes in? Im ok? Worth the risk then! Please let me know football is not fecked? !!
  2. whatsappnin

    The case for Tim Sherwood

    Is at the door! Now pack your stuff and move on Tim. I do apologise Tim where was it you wanted me to put it? (Ooops)
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    Makes us all look like ****s!
  4. whatsappnin

    Harrry says this one day and this the next (your thoughts please)

    QUOTE 1 (IN RELATION TO ENGLAND JOB) '(That's) the biggest load of nonsense I've ever heard in my life. They don't care whether I'm the manager next year, they wouldn't lose any sleep over that. Footballers are footballers: they play the game, they train every day. 'Someone else could come in...
  5. whatsappnin

    Ticket 4 sale 4 tomorrow

    Just put mine up for sale on club website if anyone is after one. Cant make it myself due to a charity event i signed upto. COYS
  6. whatsappnin

    Stop please

    your moaning and groaning, your acting like its our devine rightto win every game. Yes we are not grreat in every area and Harry (in your opinion) does not haveall the tactics! BUT has he ever had to tactically select a squad with the chance of winning a championship, NO. Have our playersbeen...
  7. whatsappnin

    Michael Dawson

    Someone ITK get a message sent back the other way to Dawson. Stop those shit long balls. Infact stop all the long balls please. We have a midfield since you got injured! thank you
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    2 Tickets South Upper Block 39 (S Rovers)

    Ive just put 2 tickets for sale on the official website. South upper for Shamrock Game as I cant make it. In case anyone wants 2 together.
  9. whatsappnin

    Season tickets

    Does any one know whether we recieve new cards or will the ones we already have just continue? Thanks in advance!
  10. whatsappnin

    Something to Watch while you wait A new spurs compilation video worth a watch
  11. whatsappnin

    £3.99 every month to Spurs?????

    I just had a look through my bank statement and every month £3.99 goes out to PM-TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR. Does anyone have any idea what this payment could be for?
  12. whatsappnin

    Harry Redknapp admits he doesn't like David Bentley!

    There is whole selection of these on you tube which I thought you might find a laugh... starting with this one
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    Cc cup cup cup cup

    Been away for a week, have the Man U tickets for the C Cup gone on sale?
  14. whatsappnin

    where to see game

    my mate Justin TV has a great picture! wish id gone round his house before free and easy to get there to!!
  15. whatsappnin

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I just spoke to the ticket office and they said that the Renewals have gone out. They will arrive if not already in the next 2 days. Has anyone received there's yet and whats the price? Much of an increase?
  16. whatsappnin

    Newcastle Sack Big sam.

    As the title says Sam has been sacked. three cheers!
  17. whatsappnin

    Luton pub for the game???

    anyone watching in a pub in LUTON. if yes please direct me there, working here for the day.
  18. whatsappnin

    im singing on my own right now! booooozzeed

    oh jaunde ramos, oh juande ramos, ohhh jaunde ramosssss and gu usss poyet! ( to the the tune of oh come all ye faithful!!)