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  1. tony0379

    What the actual fudge?

    i tell you what, who ever was involved in this clusterfuck needs banning from all spurs games and not allowed within 10 miles of Tottenham.
  2. tony0379

    0.0 I hope Sandra is ok
  3. tony0379


    Probably been asked before, is he eligible to play against us in Sunday?
  4. tony0379

    League Cup pub....

    Hello all, I'm coming down for the League Cup final, and want some advise on where the best pub in Tottenham would be to watch it please.
  5. tony0379

    Qpr financial fair play

    Well Harry loves a signing lol
  6. tony0379

    Nice video

    If ever I wanted to curl up into a ball and die!
  7. tony0379


    Just heard the reason Zaha hasn't been getting picked for United, is that he got caught in bed with Moyse's daughter.
  8. tony0379

    Mystery player

    Hi gang. Anyone know who this please?
  9. tony0379

    transfer thread?

    Hi chaps. Where's the transfer thread gone?
  10. tony0379

    ASSnal corruption!

    Lets take a closer look at some corrupt decisions that have went arse anals way this season. Liverpool (A) Suarez one on one with goalie bought down by mertesacker , clear red & pen nothing given. QPR (H) Arteta goal 5 yards offside at least goal given Fulham(H) Scandalous pen given in stoppage...
  11. tony0379


    Rumours growing that the little fucker is out for the season.
  12. tony0379

    Bye Bye Luka
  13. tony0379

    bolton fa cup

    Game is on Tuesday 27th march
  14. tony0379


    I was thinking seeing that i cant get to the game sunda y. can someone make a big banner with "B&Y" please
  15. tony0379

    Webb at Old Trafford

    What is it with that cock?? always favours utd at there place. always always seems to burn us there. fix or what?
  16. tony0379

    [Update 20]tony0379 re:possible new shirt makers

    Who tony0379 Date 2/01/2011 Site Spurs Community Was talking to a cousin of my wife's last night. And he mentioned to me that Sergio Tacchini and some other italian company which begins with a G sportswear makers have purchased a box at white hart lane. Could they be our new shirt makers...
  17. tony0379


    just found Rafa's house up for sale. me be going then
  18. tony0379

    saturday night!

    I was in the pub Saturday night and next to me was a guy with the sweetest looking dog imaginable. When the Tottenham score was read out on TV this dog went berserk. It started growling and barking, even tried to bite a couple of people nearby. I said, “Bloody hell mate, what’s that all...
  19. tony0379


    has joined santos on a 6 month loan deal
  20. tony0379

    Jamie's dad

    Why does that wankstain andy gray keep referering to harry as "jamies dad ?" stpuid twat