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  1. bern

    New Free Footie Channel

    Might be worth checking out.
  2. bern

    Season tickets cost per game

    Just found this on Twitter I'm surprised we're the dearest though. Apologies if already posted wasnt sure whether to put it in Spurs Chat?.
  3. bern

    Tom`s hair for sale Get your bids in! £460 at the moment!
  4. bern

    Changing clubs name

    Ive just caught the tail end of a discussion on the radio they were discussing football clubs that have changed their name in some form or other. Hull City is the latest, becoming Hull Tigers. I couldn't think of any others can you?. Hull City fans are going crackers.
  5. bern

    So Rooney leads the exodus

    He wants to go now, who will it be next Giggs perhaps?. If Scholes had any playing part left he'll be off too I expect.
  6. bern

    The Metros at it too

    Spurs and Man City ready to fight Real Madrid for 'free agent' Didier Drogba Read more:
  7. bern

    Fixtures out Tomorrow?

    I think the fixtures are out tomorrow should be something else for us to concentrate our minds on for a bit.
  8. bern

    Did i just see right?

    Mido going to Barnsley? By eckers like. I thought he disappeared yonks ago.
  9. bern

    Hull City taken over

    Just announced on the radio Hull City taken over. A couple of Egyptian business men.
  10. bern

    This is an off the cuff thread.

    Really Im ranting about the gooners. They seem to get a frigging penalty every game they play!. Do they practise them in training?. I could get totally shot down now but thats what it seems like just recently and I needed to vent my annoyance somewhere. If I did it on their sites it may have...
  11. bern

    Hull City going the same way as Pompey?

    According to the Hull Daily Mail today things are looking down literally for Hull City. The paper suggests that they will go into administration if /when they go down. Is this a trend that is going to befall most clubs that enter the bottom three near the end of a season...
  12. bern

    There go Gooners always cheating...

    Diving twats scored against Hull with free kick. Hull were keeping them under wraps nicely.
  13. bern

    Well?, how did it go?

    Anyone watch the whole England game on the internet without the buffering and stuttering and all the rest of the computer problems we encounter?
  14. bern

    Svens sacked!

    Well it didnt take long did it? Hes only been in charge about 10 months,probably stems from Mexicos defeat t`other night 3-1 I think it was. Could he be heading towards the barcodes after Shearer?
  15. bern

    Phil Brown`s talk

    Can you imagine any other manager giving their players a bollocking in the centre circle? It must have taken some bollocks, and really gave the players a verbal kick up the arse. Even though they lost the game!.:-)
  16. bern

    Wavering support

    After our recent run of games, does your support for the lillywhites wain?. Do you feel like just throwing your hands in despair and shout " I`am not supporting this crap team anymore?". Then after a few hours contemplating what you have said,come sulking back hoping no one had seen you. You go...
  17. bern

    What would you say...?

    What would you say if each member of the team read the articles and comments posted by SCers?. My own thoughts are quite simple really, I would say PULL YOUR FRIGGING FINGERS OUT AND PERFORM!!!:bang:
  18. bern

    Bristol City v Hull City Play off final

    I reckon Hull will win the final. Might stick a tenner on it. Barmby and Windass must be at least in their late 30`s and still going strong.
  19. bern

    Humble pie anyone?

    Remember this? See how we can be wrong?
  20. bern

    The Championship Race

    Who do you think will be going up from the Championship? My thoughts at the moment Hull City,West Brom and possibly Stoke. They then have to survive or end up doing a Derby.