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  1. timboyid

    Aston Villa and Tottenham charged by FA with failing to control players

    Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur have been charged by the Football Association for failing to control their players. Read the full article at BBC Sport
  2. timboyid

    Why is it that our English players come in for the most criticism?

    I've noticed that certain players have been getting more criticism than others recently and that those players (Lennon and Dawson mostly) are English. Some of the criticism may be justified but is that the sole reaseon? Do we expect more from the English players as we feel they have more of a...
  3. timboyid

    FC Twente away ticket allocation

    When will this be announced? I've booked the time off work and the ferry already... All I'm missing is the ticket! If this has already been posted can someone point me in the right direction?
  4. timboyid

    Bale is right handed

    A possible contender for most pointless thread... But I just saw Gareth Bale signing autographs on SSN and noticed that he's right handed. No one interested? Sorry. :-|
  5. timboyid

    Spurs Fixture List Calendar

    It's a bit of a random question, but does any one know where i can get a full fixture list that I can add to my google calendar? I've a prem one: but I want all fixtures... Any ideas? :shrug:
  6. timboyid

    Goucuff to Ar*enal

    As a fan of Bordeaux (I lived there for a bit), i tend to watch their games if they're on, especially last season when they won the title. In my opinion, Chamakh is pants, I'm not worried about the arse signing him. Goucuff on the other hand is absolute class! I think he was at Milan where he...
  7. timboyid

    Share Price

    I don't understand this stuff :oops:, so can some one explain to me why the share price has fallen from 85p to 65p since this time last year? thanks in advance...
  8. timboyid

    An oh so true piece on Spurs fans from Football365,17033,13320_5126461,00.html Is this guy on SC? :shrug:
  9. timboyid

    Ledley out of England Squad I have to say I'm relieved. He would be a perfect backup for the world cup, but not while we have got games to play!
  10. timboyid

    Bentley's body language when he came on

    Before I start I have to say I am not part of the Ramos Out Brigade. But when Bentley came on yesterday he was shaking his head in what looked like disbelief that he was coming on to play right back, this to me is the first sign of dissent I've seen from any of the players and hints at dressing...